Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Woke up this morning with my usual Fabulous Feline company. I got up and got ready for the day; they stayed put.

Frank likes to sleep on a pillow above my head, and Zappa sleeps on my legs or by my feet.

IMG_0332 IMG_0330

I packed my lunch, including this giant apple…


…and had a small glass of grapefruit juice.


This morning I decided I wanted a muffin for breakfast. I’ve been trying not to eat them too often, but it’s been a while since I had one so I decided to go for it. They had two new flavours today and I tried the Apple Toffee – it was really good.


For lunch I had leftovers from last night.


Pasta with sauce, some cheese on top of course. This was more than I usually eat for lunch and it kept me full all afternoon.

I was busy, concentrating on a problem and started munching on my apple without even thinking of it. It was a huge apple, I actually had a bit of a hard time eating it; I couldn’t figure out where to bite into it. I managed though. :)

At one point in the afternoon I was thinking ahead to my workout. When I realized today was intervals I actually thought: Yay! Running! I just love that I am excited about running. Thank you Dr. Scholl’s for your magical gel insoles.

I was a little less happy when I got home, went to change into my workout gear and discovered that someone threw up a hairball on the bed. I’m not naming any names, but it happened to be in the spot where a certain Fabulous Feline whose name rhymes with ‘Cappa’ was snoozing this morning.


Looks so innocent, doesn’t he?

The quilt went into the washing machine, I went into my exercise clothes and hit the treadmill. I was working hard, I was sweating and out of breath, but I was smiling.

Oh, and I found Frank on the bed after I took the quilt off. Since he had his back turned to the camera this morning, hard at sleep, I figured I should give you a shot of his pretty face.


Supper was easy, but oh so good.



And the last of the Crock Pot Mole with Beef and Black Beans from the freezer.


So yummy. I will be making this again soon.

And that’s Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

My cat Ceasar lays RIGHT up against me at night. Combined with my boyfriend whos RIGHT on the other side of me. I am a sandwich when I sleep.

Have I mentioned I am claustrophobic?

handsome kitties!