Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

It was not as warm today, but still sunny and clear. Definitely a nice day to be at home.

I decided it was a good day for a hot breakfast and cooked some Red River Cereal for Husband and I. For those not familiar with it, it is a hot cereal made from wheat, rye and flax.



IMG_7697 IMG_7694

My brother-in-law once compared it to bird seed. It does look a little like that I suppose.

I’ve always prepared it with water, but today I did half water and half Almond breeze. I added a little extra Almond Breeze and a sprinkle of brown sugar to my bowl.

IMG_7698 IMG_7699

I had a pretty leisurely morning, then got some Chicken Chili going in the slow cooker. For lunch I had the other half can of Amy’s Organic Spicy Chili, topped with salsa & cheese.


I spent the afternoon getting a head start on some house cleaning – maybe I will actually make a dent in my to do list by the end of the weekend!

I also took the Fabulous Felines for a a walk.

Frankie first.

IMG_7714 IMG_7715


Then Zappa.

IMG_7724 IMG_7728 IMG_7729

It’s really hard to get a picture of Zappa’s face because as soon as he sees the camera pointing at him he heads for it. Attention hog.

I may have had a few treats in the afternoon. More than show up in this picture…


I didn’t sit down all afternoon though, so at least I was burning some calories to make up for the treats.

For supper I cooked some basmati rice to go with the Chicken Chili – and of course added some cheese.


The chili was not bad, quite tasty with the rice and cheese. There are leftovers which means an easy night tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully back to working out.

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