Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We saw the Olympic Torch!

So the Olympic Torch arrived in Saint John last night. They had a ceremony in town which we did not stick around for (though Husband got paged back to work last night and he saw some of the fireworks on his drive).

This morning they had the torch relay. There was a lot more traffic than usual headed into work this morning, but it was actually moving along fairly well (or we timed it just right) so it didn't hold us up. We parked and got out of the car, just as the relay was coming down the street so we were able to stop and watch it go by. I wished after that I had taken out my iPhone and snapped a photo or two; not that it was all that exciting - just a guy jogging slowly down the middle of the street with a torch - but how often do you get to see that?

After the [short]cavalcade went by, we crossed the street to Java Moose for our usual - coffee for me, tea & a muffin for Husband. I had a protein drink at home, so this was breakfast.



I felt kinda hungry this morning, so I ended up reaching into the snack drawer again, around 10:15. This time I came out with a LaraBar.

Lunch was Bean Balls & Brown Rice.


And I was out of apples today, so I walked up to the market to get some. While I was there I picked up a container of pomegranate arils for my afternoon snack. I also had a cup of coffee – it was just that kind of afternoon.


Today was circuit training day, and then I heated up leftover Tex-Mex Taco Soup for supper. There was a cauliflower in the fridge that I’ve been meaning to chop up, so I did that and had some with my soup. Doesn’t make of for the lack of Black Bean Quesadilla, but I was feeling like I could use a few more veggies in my day and it gave me something to munch on.

IMG_7890IMG_7892 IMG_7891

And we finished off the Pound Cake for dessert.


Now I’m all sleepy and ready for bed.


Tricia said...

Thats pretty cool that you got to see the torch!

And yumm that pound cake looks good!

the Bag Lady said...

Cool! The torch is really zigzagging around - it was here a couple weeks ago. One of the women I work with was a torch-bearer - she said it was lots of fun.

Crabby McSlacker said...

That's great about the torch.

And I'm impressed that you could choke down, er, enjoy that much cauliflower in one sitting. I tend to have to sneak it into things that taste pretty good to start with.

JavaChick said...

Tricia - it was good! I may have to make another one to make sure I've perfected my Pound Cake baking skills. :)

Bag Lady - The guy who was running had a smile on his face, so I'd say he was having fun too. And they had a warm day for it, even if it was drizzly out.

Crabby - there are plenty of other things that I have a hard time choking down; I have no idea why I like raw cauliflower so much, but I can munch through a pile of it without too much trouble.