Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now, where was I…

Before I inconveniently got sick. I missed a weekend which makes me cranky. I missed some work which makes me feel guilty. I’m ready for life to get back to normal.

Starting with tomorrow being a holiday – Woo hoo! Tomorrow is Remembrance Day which is a stat holiday here in New Brunswick. So I have one more day to recuperate before diving back into the routine.

Today I worked from home – easing my way back into the whole work thing.

For breakfast I had toast with Olivina & Honey. Coffee x 2.


Around mid-morning I had an apple with some Almond Butter.


And lunch was half a can of Amy's Organic Spicy Chili topped with 1 ounce of Balderson Cheddar and some homemade salsa.


I’m almost out of my homemade frozen lunches (I had been planning to do some cooking on the weekend, but that didn’t happen) so I decided to save them and open a can today. It was actually a nice change.

In the afternoons at work I always take a break to get out of the office. I’ve barely been out of the house since Friday (I did go out briefly yesterday to get the mail and take Frank for a very short walk), so I decided I would do an afternoon cat walking break. I figured the fresh air would do me some good.

First I took my Frankie. He lets it be known when he wants to go.

IMG_7649 IMG_7650

He has different ways of communicating that he wants to go; today it was pawing at the door.

I don’t blame him because it was a beautiful day, so warm out, I really didn’t want to come in.

IMG_7654 IMG_7655



After Frank’s walk, I took Zappa. Who whines about being left behind, but as soon as I take him out he falls over and starts rolling on the ground. Or front step, as the case may be. It is usually hard to get him to go very far.




Today I wanted to stretch my legs a bit more, so I carried him up the hill. Once I got part way up, I put him down and he just started zooming along. Guess you just have to get him started. It was hard to take pictures because he barely stopped.

IMG_7684 IMG_7685 IMG_7686

I have to tell you, when I came in I was feeling like I’d just had a workout. Guess I’m not quite back in fighting form yet.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working away. Husband came home around lunch time because he was not feeling great (did I do that?) so I guess it’s a good thing that we still had leftover chicken soup.

At supper time I put the soup on to reheat, and made myself a little cocktail…


I normally am not a juice drinker, but when I’m sick I find water doesn’t taste good and I want juice. I had Husband get me some Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, and I’ve put a good dent in the carton since Saturday. I’ve been drinking it straight, of course, but I also like it mixed with Club Soda. Husband had the other half of the Club Soda with orange juice (he can’t drink grapefruit juice because he’s on blood pressure medication).

I forgot to take a picture of supper though. It was a spicy Chinese Chicken soup. It was good, though I’ve been eating chicken soup since Friday so I can’t say I’m sorry it’s gone (not the same batch of soup the entire time, but still).

I also had some treats today that I forgot to photo – the downside of Husband grocery shopping is that he comes home with cookies and candy.

He did buy me these on Saturday though:


And I had one after supper.


It was lovely.

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MizFit08 said...

my daughter is currently yelling THATS MY KITTY THATS MY KITTY!!!!

her birthday is coming.
she wants a cat.
Im not sure (yet) if Ill cave and get her one...wanna lend us yers on a trial basis?