Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is what we woke up to this morning…


IMG_8062 IMG_8063

Yesterday it was raining and the grass was still green; today it was a winter wonderland.


We are not amused.


But Frank did go out.


IMG_8079 IMG_8080

He came in wearing snowballs.


That was the best picture I could get – he wouldn’t stay still.

So. I don’t have the usual food blogging for you today, but I do have some reviews. First up…

Pancakes in a Can


I’ve noticed the Batter Blaster in the organic section a few times. My reaction? Pancakes in a can just can’t be good. But then Angie tried them and survived the experience, so I decided to give them a try.

They are certainly easy. Squirt some batter in the pan…


and the next thing you know you have pancakes.



It is fast, and if you don’t want to make a whole batch of pancakes (like yesterday when I got home from grocery shopping) it’s quite convenient. They are light and airy.

I did think they had a slightly odd flavor – a little bit of a sour taste. But it’s not a strong taste and aside from that they were not bad.

Husband said: “Your pancakes are way better”

Why thank you very much!

He also felt that they didn’t have much substance – it was like eating air.

We’ll finish off the can, but I don’t think I would buy it again. It was kind of a fun experiment though.

Next up…


I decided to try the Super Charge Me cookies from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan.

They call for Flax Meal, which I don’t have, but I do have Flax Seeds. So I toasted them up and then ground them up in my little mini processor.



I have had this little chopper for probably 10 years and it still works great. Handy little gadget.

I also used dried cranberries instead of raisins, and crunchy almond butter instead of smooth because that’s what I had. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

Ready to go in the oven…


And all done – these were pretty quick to make and none of the ingredients were extremely far out.



I tried one while they were still warm, since that’s usually when I like cookies the best. I have to say, I thought it was kind of blah. But, I had another one after supper and I liked it a lot more the second time around; I guess these are better when they’ve had a bit of time to sit.

I don’t see this replacing my favourite [way less healthy] chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finishing these off either. I probably will make them again.

And finally…

Indian Spiced Haddock

I keep trying to find ways to cook fish so that Husband and I will enjoy eating it at home. So far my attempts have not been met with a lot of enthusiasm.

My sister sent me this recipe quite a while back, and I finally got around to making it today.

I made a spice mix…


Which went on the Haddock, and then the fish went back in the fridge to marinate…


While I puttered around doing some other things. Laundry, vacuuming, you know – fun weekend stuff.

I was vacuuming the stairs, and managed to knock a set of tea light holders off the little table that I have in the entry way and broke two of them. I’m hoping I can fix them with glue, but for for now I replaced them with a little festive decoration.


I was intending to do my intervals on the treadmill – I had my workout clothes and sneakers on while I was cleaning even – but my foot was bothering me, so I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Then my Mom called and we gabbed for a while, and by the time I got off the phone it was time to make supper anyway.

At this point, things started flying in the kitchen and I didn’t stop to take pictures. First, I made a spiced Basmati Rice recipe that is a favourite of ours (the recipe is just called Basmati Rice which I think makes it kind of confusing, but it tastes really good).

Once the rice was going, I finished making the Indian Spiced Haddock. Husband came out and did a bit of chopping to help me out. I could tell he was not exactly excited by the prospect of me feeding him fish again.

Here is my plate, with some broccoli slaw for some extra veggies:


IMG_8105 IMG_8106

The verdict? We both really liked this and we would make it again. It did take a bit of time, because the fish had to marinate, and there was a bit of chopping involved with all the veggies. But it was really nicely flavoured and I enjoyed it a lot. If anyone is interested in the recipe, let me know and I will post it.

So that was my day – more or less – almost time for Monday again.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, great snow pictures!

And I loved the reviews. I NEVER would have thought pancakes in a can would be edible!

Curious about the fish marinade, but I have to confess, if it has a lot of ingredients I probably wouldn't get around to making it. So don't post it just for me. But if others are interested too I'd definitely give it a look.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i promise the lean cuisine was good!! WOW about the snow-im jelous! its beautiful..great snowy day eats!

Gina said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of snow! You're making the snow we got today look like nothing (which it was...) but I was still pretty excited about it.

Those cookies look great. I love adding a bit of health to a delicious treat!

the Bag Lady said...

Looks like winter finally arrived at your house! It's snowing here now. But we've had winter for a month already, so it's time you got caught up! :)

JavaChick said...

Crabby - I was surprised about the pancakes too; they were not as good as homemade, but they were not bad.

ktbwood - If I could, I would send the snow to you.

Gina - Yes, it's nice to have a cookie that tastes good and is fairly healthy at the same time.

Bag Lady - I think we got enough winter last year (and a crappy summer to boot) that we should be able to skip this one.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Oh I totally want to make those cookies but always forget about them! I don't want to buy yet another cookbook so I guess I'd better get Googling! Thanks for the reminder. :)