Friday, December 4, 2009


It’s Friday. Workout and dinner is done. I’m sitting on the couch in my pajamas. Ah! Let the weekend begin.

The lack of post yesterday was due to extreme lateness getting home – as in 7:30. I was tired. I was cranky. I had passed hungry and got to I don’t care if I eat, I just want to curl up in a ball on the couch.

Probably doesn’t help that it rained most of the day yesterday. I didn’t get out of the office for a break at all because by the time I thought it looked like the rain was clearing off I got sidetracked by a critical issue at work, and by the end of the day I was a little stressed.

So I was too lazy to download all my photos and write a post last night. It was all stuff you’ve seen before anyway. In fact, dinner last night was the exact same dinner we had Wednesday night, except I skipped the sausages and let Husband have them all. I took lots of pictures Wednesday. Please go look at those now…

…Okay…today. Did I mention? Friday!

I had a teeny, tiny bit of Bolthouse Mocha protein drink left.


Tasty, but not exactly enough to fill my tummy. So, I was easily convinced to go for a breakfast sandwich this morning – which turned out to be a breakfast wrap because they were out of Ciabatta buns.


Bacon, egg & cheddar on a wrap. Totally filled me up.

I had lunch around 1, though I still wasn’t terribly hungry. Sweet Potato & Black Bean Mole with Quinoa.


I know it kinda looks like mud (polite comparison) but it really does taste good.

I ate the apple around 3 pm – it was a particularly sweet and juicy Honeycrisp. So good!

We were on the way home by 4:30 which was nice after being stuck at the office so late last night. It was nice to be driving home before dark for a change!

For supper we made Kickin’ Chicken. A very complicated dish.

You mix these:


Then you add some fresh basil. Which I didn’t have. This will do:


All the while being overseen by the peanut gallery:


Phew! This cooking thing is hard work. Now you have the sauce:


And you just have to wait for your Husband to get up from his computer game and handle the chicken. Because JavaChick does not handle raw meat.

Finally, the chicken and the sauce go in the oven, and JavaChick hits the treadmill! Half an hour of intervals and dinner is almost ready.

With steamed broccoli and a slice of Focaccia bread.


IMG_8041 IMG_8042

Frank is a big fan of Kickin’ Chicken so he was waiting expectantly for his share. Which he got. Mommy is a pushover.



A pretty tasty little cookie. I like that they are individually wrapped – good for portion control.

I went and had a shower and when I came out Husband had opened the tin of shortbread.


So I had to sample a little piece. Or three if you must know.

I’ve been looking forward to popcorn since earlier today though, so I think I’m going to make myself some to enjoy while watching Dollhouse.

Just about a perfect Friday.

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