Thursday, December 17, 2009

‘Tis the season to stay indoors…

We are having our first streak of really cold weather with a high temperature today of –14 C and wind chill of –27. That’s what the current temperature on the Environment Canada weather page was reading around 2 pm when I was contemplating my usual afternoon break.

Hell to the no, I don’t wanna go….

Except I also don’t like staying chained to my desk all day with no break either. It makes for a very long day.

It was even colder this morning. I have been making Husband drive me to work this week, even though he is on vacation. He gave up our nice, easy access, heated garage parking a few months back in favour of a spot in the parking right next to his office. I didn’t want to switch, but it is cheaper and easier for him, so I said it was his decision. However, I really hate getting in and out of the spot. He said it wasn’t an issue because he’s the one who drives. Oh yeah Mister? Guess that means no more days off for you when I have to work [insert evil laugh here].

Okay, I say I am making him drive me. The man is twice my size, it’s not like I can really make him do anything. I expressed my wish and he went along with it.

This morning, I think he was about to try and wiggle out of that deal, then when he thought about how cold it was he decided I wouldn’t want to have to walk from the car to my office in the cold. Which was nice of him.

I was running kinda late anyway, due to a serious fling with the snooze button this morning, so it was nice to be dropped off right at the office door.

Breakfast was the quick and easy:


Super-Charge Me cookies and coffee. Like my mug? One of my sisters gave it to me. We like to shop.

The heat was fixed, so we were told, but it was still pretty darn chilly in the office. Better than yesterday, but not quite comfortable. I was quite happy to eat my nice warm lunch:


Sweet Potato & Black Bean Mole with Quinoa.

Cold as it was in the office, I wasn’t terribly sure I wanted to go outside but I went. It was definitely…ahhh…refreshing. Actually it kinda felt like my face was freezing.

I walked up to the mall, and once I walked around indoors with my coat on for a while I was fianlly warm. Made the walk back seem not so bad.

During the afternoon I had a Honeycrisp apple – forgot to take a photo.

During the afternoon I was also thinking about how much I did not want to exercise when I got home. Again.

So, instead of thinking about what I didn’t want to do, I decided to think of what I would want to do. Which led to the workout of the day:


An old favourite which I enjoyed revisiting. Guess it was time for a change, even if it was a change back to an old workout.

This workout combines strength and cardio, so the philosophy is similar to the circuit workout that I skipped.

Dinner was leftovers.


More Chili “stoup” and Focaccia bread.

And a cup of peppermint tea to cap off the evening.


For you nut butter lovers, my sister has a recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies posted on her blog. Stop by and check it out.

Oh yeah. Speaking of cookies…I should mention 2 Twice Baked Shortbread cookies that did not make it to a photograph.

One more day to vacation!


Jackie said...

Love the mug!!! I'm a big supporter of retail therapy :o)

Charlotte said...

We had that storm/cold front a few days ago and it was miserable. You have all my sympathy! Take heart though, warmer weather is coming! It's 20F here today:)

The Merry said...

Hope things warm up a bit!

Haven't heard of that DVD before, but it sounds good.

Except I'm not sure about the pose on the cover. She looks like she just threw something over her shoulder and is really delighted about the fact.

Tricia said...

I've been wishing for cold weather here, but brrrr...not that cold :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Brrrr is right!

And wow that "Sweet Potato & Black Bean Mole with Quinoa" sounds awesome--awesome, and healthy too!

the Bag Lady said...

Hope things have warmed up for you now! Mind you, I saw on the weather channel over the weekend that you were supposed to get a fair amount of snow -- that'll pretty much guarantee a white Christmas for you, won't it?
Stay warm!