Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Recipe #2 – A Success!

Just a Tuesday…Nothing to exciting to report. Breakfast was a repeat.


Lunch was Bean Balls with Brown Rice. Yum!


Snack was supposed to be an apple…



Plus there may have been a few handfuls of chocolate covered almonds. No self control at all today; the chocolate just kept finding it’s way into my mouth.

After work I did intervals on the treadmill. I was feeling less than energetic when I started, so I decided to do shorter intervals of running, but I also kept the walking intervals shorter. It felt like I was running more, but at the same time it felt easier. I did 30 minutes of intervals and a 10 minute walk to cool down.

Dinner – Indian Spiced Lentils & Chicken – was in the slow cooker. I was planning to steam some broccoli, but while I was on the treadmill I thought maybe I could throw it in the slow cooker and avoid another dirty pot.

So, when I got off the treadmill, I prepped the broccoli and threw it in the slow cooker. I went and had a shower, then came out to dinner. The broccoli was still a little crisp, I can live with that.


IMG_8113 IMG_8114

We also finished off the last of the Basmati Rice from Sunday night.

And dessert with mint tea:


Dinner was based on this recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking. I used two chicken breasts, but halved everything else in the recipe (actually I used a little less that 3 cups of chicken broth and no water). I thought that 2 cups of lentils would be a lot and if I wanted Husband to be happy, there would need to be a decent ratio of chicken to lentils. I added some fresh ginger and garam masala to the mix, and when we got home from work I added some light coconut milk (what was leftover from the can I opened on Sunday night).

Then, as I mentioned, I added the broccoli and served with Basmati Rice. I really enjoyed this dish. Husband had two servings and said it was “Spectacularly good.” How’s that for a review?

Husband has had quite the week – I fed him fish and lentils and he liked both. It might be time to feed him pizza or something; just so this doesn’t get too weird.  :)


Crystal said...

Bean balls with rice-that one scared me a bit but the food looks really good! I love slow cooker recipes.

the Bag Lady said...

Don't you love it when you experiment with something and it turns out really well?!

JavaChick said...

Crystal - nothing to fear from the bean balls, they are quite tasty. :)

Bag Lady - I was really happy about it. I eat a lot of beans & legumes but I'm always trying to find ways to get Husband to eat them more often so this really felt a like a win.

Gina said...

I've been having that sort of week too, where I just keep eating random food, and snacking a lot!

Good for your hubbie for eating fish and lentils! I don't think I can ever get Nick to eat fish on a regular basis, but who knows....

Annette said...

I love all the pictures of your food, and also just discovered the slow cooking blog. Your dinner looks yummie, and what more can you ask then getting compliments from hubby... If now we could just ban all the sweet stuff, that somehow shows up somewhere and just finds its way into our mouths! :-)