Friday, October 23, 2009


I’m in the basement with the window open because Frank wanted to go out and it’s pretty chilly down here. Just lit a firelog in the wood stove, hopefully that will warm things up.

But it’s Friday! Looking forward to a not too busy weekend (I hope). Have an appointment tomorrow for a hair cut, and I’ll get the grocery shopping done. Other than that just hoping to get some things done around the house because next weekend is going to be busy.

Started today off with some Bolthouse Vanilla Chai.


When I got to work I had some coffee and between the protein drink and the coffee I didn’t get hungry until lunch.

A group of us from work went out to lunch today to try out a fairly new restaurant, Big Tide Brewing Company. It opened late in the summer and most of us had not yet been there.

I don’t have pictures, and I was going to link the website that was on the menu but when I went to check it out, it just said under construction. Anyway, I had the Veggie Burger which was a patty made from black beans, cornmeal and salsa, served on a bun with tomato, lettuce, onion and hummus. It was really good, I’d definitely order it again. I had fries on the side and ate about half of them but I polished off the whole burger.

Oh, and I had a 12 oz of their Nut Brown Ale (not sure what the exact name of it is) which was also very good. Made me kinda sleepy for the rest of the afternoon though.

We stopped on the way home from work for our usual Friday Thai takeout. When we got home Frank wanted a walk, but poor baby didn’t get one because a) it’s cold out there, and b) I wanted to get in a quick workout then get back to my supper before it was cold.

Poor kitty.



Today was Supersets. I completed the scheduled exercises plus 3 sets of 12 reps each of the following: Plie with Kettle bell, reverse lunges, squats. Done in 20 minutes!

Supper was Panang Tofu. I had asked for no mushrooms, and the person taking my order asked if I wanted to add a veggie to replace the mushrooms so I requested bean sprouts. I love bean sprouts for some reason, so I was quite looking forward to it. I dumped it into a bowl since the carton had leaked and was very messy.

Do you see what that is?


That would be a mushroom. And no bean sprouts. Someone in the kitchen was not paying attention to their orders.


However, my mom used to put mushrooms in everything (ok, maybe not everything), and I’ve never liked them so I’m pretty good at picking them out. I finished off all of the Panang & Rice (minus mushrooms of course) while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Pretty good episode.

Now I’m thinking I am going to clean the bathroom, have an epsom salt bath (I have some stiff muscles for some reason) and then maybe make some popcorn before I settle in to watch Dollhouse.


Real popcorn. With real butter. And salt. It’s Friday!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I can't stand canned mushrooms but love the fresh ones.

Merry said...

It's Friday! Woo hoo!

And I'm not going to work this weekend. The engineers are all stuck working this weekend, but I wanted to take one single damn weekend off. I'll probably spend the weekend sleeping, but at least I'm not at my desk.

Life, Health & Fitness said...

Happy Weekend!!

Crystal said...

I don't know what looks better, the vanilla chai or the popcorn. Yummy!

the Bag Lady said...

I actually have the whole weekend off this weekend - first time all month! Yippee!
Of course, being off 'work' doesn't mean not working..... just means I don't get paid! :)

Carolyn said...

Mmmm Thai! Where do you order from? I've been craving Suwanna lately!

Haven't checked out the new pub there but I heard that they have lots of great beer (although I'm more of a wine girl). Thanks for the review, I will have to try it out!

Sagan said...

Oh man I love popcorn!!

JavaChick said...

Carolyn - Suwanna is our favorite restaurant. We had our wedding there! :) Usually on Friday's we stop at Millidgeville Thai Hut on the way home from work. They're usually pretty good, but mistakes happen I guess.