Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Bambi!

It always feels a little warmer out at our house than it is in town, and the sun was shining, so I decided to take my Frankie out for a short walk today. Of course, poor Zappa was left behind in the yard.


It always makes me feel bad that I’m leaving him behind, but Frank doesn’t seem too concerned – he’s looking off in the opposite direction.


I was just thinking the other day that it was probably time to charge my camera battery, and sure enough it started flashing the low battery icon at me today. So I put it in my pocket and we continued on our way.

We got to the top of the hill and came face to face (or just about) with two deer. I whipped out my camera hoping it still had enough juice for a shot or two.



I  know it’s probably hard to tell from photos, but I was really close and had an extremely clear view. I got the one regular shot, and the zoom, then turned my camera off.

We walked a bit farther around, and came to a spot where I had an unobstructed view so I pulled out my camera and turned it on again. When it comes on it makes a little chime sound; I’m not sure if that was what did it or if they finally decided I was too close because they took off. There actually was a third one further in that I hadn’t been able to see. They sure can move fast when they want to.

When Frank & I came back in, it was time to make supper. I had been thinking we’d defrost a bag of shrimp and throw something together, but Husband had to come home and do some more work so he wanted to defrost spaghetti sauce.

So we had a salad & spaghetti (photos taken with my iPhone).




And I took this photo to remind myself…


I decided to try food blogging for accountability to myself. I know that my eating habits aren’t perfect, but I think of them as being not too bad either. I figured this would be a good way to figure out where I do have issues.

I’ve mostly done pretty good about taking pictures of everything, but things got a little out of control this weekend with too many treats around the house. And of course some of it was still hanging around after the weekend – specifically Girl Guide Cookies and M&M’s. It is just too easy to grab a cookie or a handful of M&M’s on the way through the kitchen without taking a picture. I think that I will remember and make a note of it when I do my evening food blogging, but by the time I get around to it I’m always rushing to get it done and counting on the photos to remember what I ate. So I forget.

So here’s the rundown:

Tuesday – 4 cookies

Wednesday – 3 cookies (finally they are gone)

Today – several (too many) handfuls of M&M’s.

The issue is that they are sitting on the hutch in plain site. They need to go away in a cupboard somewhere. Husband is objecting to this, but it’s going to happen anyway. And, I’m going to be more careful of taking pictures from now on. Not that I object to a treat here and there, but I am trying to pay attention and be mindful of what I’m eating. Cramming M&M’s into my mouth on the way through the kitchen is not mindful.


the Bag Lady said...

Love the deer photos! I can never get that close to them because the Princess goes berserk and chases them away, and I simply cannot go for a walk without her!

And I hear you on the treats having to live in the cupboard. Even then, I can hear their siren call through the wall.......

carla said...

is it wrong that I had to click on the M&Ms pic and compare how different your packaging is from ours?
if by ours you mean the bags in my fridge---which I do.

The Candid RD said...

Yeah, if sweets are in plain view they are so much easier to just grab and EAT! I just throw them out, or put them in the freezer. Brownies are in the the freezer now. I can't just eat them anytime because they are frozen and need time to defrost!)

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - It's pretty cool to look up and see deer standing so close, I gotta say. Where I grew up, we would sometimes see them down at the bottom of the field but there's no way you'd get close to them. Here I think it's a combination of the fact that they live so close to people all the time and when they are up on the hill, in behind the trees, we don't see each other until I come around the corner.

MizFit - Funny that we would have different packaging for the same thing...Though here the packaging has to include French, so I suppose they just do a whole new design.

RD - Husband bought the M&M's...can't imagine it would go over too well if I threw them out! But if they are not in plain sight, I am usually pretty good about leaving them alone.

solarity said...

I see a lot of packaging here that's in English/French, as well as English/Spanish. Today, I was reading the directions on a dog's medicated shampoo in French (since the English was covered with suds) and misread "externe" as "extreme"--"utiliser pour l'extreme seulment" which made me laugh, since his skin condition is certainly extreme.

I haven't read any M&Ms packages lately; I try to ignore them since I'm allergic to the food dyes.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Annette said...

If you ever want to be close to deers, then come and visit me in Maryland.... our house is surrounded by woods on 3 sides, and every day we have them in the yard, They look you straight in the eye and you really have to run and scream to get them away! I look out the window, and they look in. Quite funny, but not so much when you are trying to grow some flowers or veggies. I have to admit, venison stew sometimes sounds very delicious to me when they mowed down another one of my "deer-resistant" flowers!

Put those M&Ms away! Having sweets out in the open in the worst case scenario, I think you have to be a saint to not grab a handful!

เลขเด็ด said...

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