Monday, October 26, 2009

The sun is still shining


I was hungry last night after I finished that massive weekend recap post, so I had a few more Triscuits with hummus. I crawled into bed around 10 pm and read until 11 pm. Then I passed right out and had an awesome sleep – thanks to all that fresh air and sunshine yesterday, I’m sure.

I woke up to another sunny day, though much cooler. I was in a pretty good mood though – just happy that I had a good sleep and it wasn’t raining. The news on the radio was all about flooding in different areas of Saint John after all the rain on Saturday. We are fortunate that our house is on a hill.

Then Husband was cranky because he did laundry late last night, and put it in the dryer before he came to bed and it wasn’t dry, so he didn’t have any jeans to wear. I reminded him that he has a pair of Khakis and helped him find them in the closet.

Then Zappa threw up on the carpet in the bedroom.

Yep, it’s Monday. But at least the sun is shining.

So, I know this is exactly what you are not supposed to do, but I decided to console myself by having my favorite Carrot Muffin from Java Moose for breakfast.


I worked away all morning – looking at Portuguese websites even though I don’t speak Portuguese. Yes, this is my job. Or part of it anyway. Then around noon I took a break for lunch and heated up the last of the Black Beans & Red Rice that I had put in the freezer last week. With some cheese on top.


Around 2 PM I went out for a walk. It was sunny but the wind was definitely cold. Brr!

Around 3 PM I had a snack – the last of my Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey. Kind of a pretty color isn’t it?


I think it was around 20 after 5 when Husband messaged me saying he was ready to leave – not really sure what time actually. But came home and fed the kitties and changed into my workout gear…And then I gave in and took Frank out for a walk. It was cold!

Our neighbor was out with her two little boys and they came over to see Frank. He barely tolerates it and only if I hold on to him (otherwise he tries to run away – he’s a wee bit skittish). So I sat on the step holding him for a while so they could pet his head. They’re cute kids, and perfectly gentle, Frank is just a nervous cat.

Once that was over Frank took off for up the hill; he was not wasting any time!

He was smelling something really interesting in the grass here and took quite a while to check things out.



And that’s pretty much all I got in the way of pictures tonight because once he finished sniffing around there he took off again and didn’t stop for much.


It was starting to get dark and my hands were cold anyway, so the camera went back in my pocket.

I brought Frank in and did a quickie workout – 20 minutes of Circuits – then went up to make supper.

We had some corn cakes leftover from last night, so we wanted to use those. I also wanted to do something quick and easy. So I can’t claim this was the healthiest meal, but it was tasty!

I scrambled some eggs with red bell pepper, onion and scallions. IMG_7476

That would have been enough for me with the Corn Cakes, but since we have to keep Husband happy as well we cooked some Johnsonville Brown Sugar & Honey breakfast sausages.

IMG_7480 IMG_7483


It was all very tasty, I have to say.

It’s supposed to go down to –3 Celsius tonight. Yuck! And it’s only supposed to go up to 4 Celsius tomorrow. But it is still supposed to be sunny, so at least that’s something.


Charlotte said...

mmmm... black beans and red rice! Your blog always gives me such cravings!!

Tricia said...

Yumm...hummus and black beans. Two of my favorite things. :)