Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Not much else to say tonight…

It was colder when we left work than it was when we went to work this morning. Some of the rain coming down felt suspiciously slushy.

Came home and lit the first fire of the season – just one of those firelog things; we’re having a hard time finding fire wood this year, which is not good.

Did my cardio intervals on the treadmill, then heated up leftovers for supper…


Watched House & Castle on the couch huddled up in a blanket. Shared my turkey with Frank.

Went out to clean up the kitchen, then came down to the basement to finish my blogging for the day. As I was coming down the stairs wondered what that nice scent was that I was smelling…

Yeah, I had put a couple of candles on top of the wood stove during the summer to get them out of the way while I was doing something-or-other. Forgot all about them and did not notice today in my rush to get the fire lit. So they melted. One was in a deep holder, so it liquefied but stayed in the holder. The other one was taller than the candle holder it was in, so it melted and went everywhere. Made a mess. Cleaned up as best I can tonight, will have to finish tomorrow.

It does smell really nice down here though.


Annette said...

Candles are beautiful - and they can be such a mess.... at least yours smells good! :-)
Love the pictures of your food, btw, great idea to post them.
Stay warm this week!

The Candid RD said...

Bummer! Well yeah I guess it could have been a worse spill, you got lucky with the candle!

Leftovers are an awesome dinner. Especially when done right!

the Bag Lady said...

Oops - now your woodstove will smell pretty for a long time! :) You're lucky the wax didn't catch on fire, though! I try to remember never to set anything on top of the woodstove, 'cause I'm totally forgetful!

JavaChick said...

Yes, lucky that the wax didn't catch fire - believe me, I was worried about it for a while last night when I realized what had happened. It's fortunate that I was just burning those firelogs - the stove doesn't get all that hot. I was able to wipe the top of the stove with paper towels. I got off as much as I could and kept an eye on things for a while. And yes, I should know better than to set things on top of the wood stove. Sigh.

solarity said...

When I put anything on the stove, it is a vase of flowers, and it is a Statement: summer is here!

Mary Anne in Kentucky