Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glee-ful Thursday

It’s Thursday – which means the weekend is close! Even more gleeful, all day long I knew there was an episode of Glee sitting on my PVR, waiting to be watched.

A cool tidbit of news from earlier in the week – Joss Whedon will be directing an upcoming episode of Glee. I think that’s brilliant news; it’s like two of my favorite things wrapped up in one package. Glee + Joss Whedon TV! Heh. That rhymes.

On to regular business…

Last night after I finished my blogging I felt like I needed a little something, so I had a shot of Bolthouse Vanilla Chai.


And then this morning, I had the same thing. I also put together a dish of yogurt to take to work.


First order of business when I got to my desk – coffee!


Around 10 am I had my yogurt – homemade greek yogurt with raspberries, blueberries and a little honey.


For lunch I had the oatmeal that I didn’t eat for breakfast yesterday. One serving of steel cut oats with a bit of peanut butter & coconut butter. After heating in the microwave, I added about a teaspoon of maple syrup and some Almond Breeze.


It smelled like cookies. Kinda tasted like cookies too. It was pretty good. :)

I also had a Honeycrisp apple.

Around mid morning I happened to look out the window and notice it was snowing. Not a huge amount, and it was too warm for any accumulation anyway. But it’s just way to early for that mess to start. Hoping not to see any again for a good long while.

Around 2 pm I went out and it was chilly and damp, but no snow.

After work I hit the treadmill for another interval session (and listened to some tunes from Glee while I was at it) and I’m still having great success with the gel insoles in my sneakers. The running intervals felt great! I’m still being careful to not overdo it, but I’m feeling pretty optimistic about running at the moment.

For supper, we defrosted pasta sauce from the freezer and I put together some raw veggies for each of us.

IMG_7290 IMG_7292


And then I sat down and watched Glee! And Eastwick. And a sure sign that winter is coming – I had a cat sleeping on my lap. Doesn’t happen during the summer, but once the weather cools off they sure enjoy cuddling up with me on the couch.

That’s it for today. Time to head for bed.


Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Yaieee for Glee!
and Eastwick.
and Joss Wheadon.
and coffee.
and Bolthouse vanilla chai.


Charlotte said...

Glee is adorable!!! I don't normally watch TV but have been watching that show on Hulu and I totally love it!

the Bag Lady said...

My cats are totally starting into 'cuddle mode', too - winter must be coming!

Your photos of food always look so darned appealing!! Good job.

(Notice I made no mention of that nasty four letter word that starts with s? Didn't want to bring another bout of it down around here!)

JavaChick said...

Glee is so much fun! I love it!

Bag Lady - I'm glad to hear my food looks appealing; sometimes I wonder about that. And yes, we'll try to avoid that nasty word... :)

Sagan said...

I love oatmeal for all the ADD-INS! It can be so amazingly delicious.