Monday, February 11, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled weight loss blog

Well. Sorta.

Funny how that goes. You start to feel like you are getting back into the swing of things; it's under control now, I'm ready to kick butt...And then you hit the brick wall. Does that happen to you?

OK, it's probably not that big of a deal. May be nothing in fact. Just a minor set-back.

I had my day all planned. I knew what I was eating, I planned on doing the next Couch to 5K workout. It was going to be a good day.

I did go to bed last night feeling completely worn out and exhausted. Woke up feeling kind of achey. As the day went on, developed unhappy tummy. Moon is feeling the same way.

I did stick to my meal plan, but I don't think I feel like doing any running. I am thinking I may just take the day off from exercise. I hate to do that early in the week, as I usually get more and more tired as the week goes on. But, maybe it's better to take a break and hope that I will be feeling better by tomorrow. So that's my plan. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow!


Laura said...

Just wanted to say hi -since it has been a while since I commented!

the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady hopes you don't have the flu that struck around here at Christmas! It was nasty, and swept through the entire family. The only good thing about it was that it didn't last very long!
Hope you are feeling better.

EC said...

It's okay!! Don't beat yourself up about it, just plan on doing it tomorrow that's all :)

Hope you feel better!

Emily said...

I feel the same way about taking a day off early in the week!!! It stinks because I've had stuff to do after work the passed 2 nights so I better get my butt in gear to make up for it.

I hope you're feeling better. I've got the achy-tummy bleck feeling today. Eck

Anonymous said...

It's good you're listening to your body. Sometimes pushing through makes things worse. Hope you're feeling better.