Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reasons to Lose Weight = #6

Queenie is a Meanie.

Okay, not really. (Sorry Queenie, I just couldn't resist the rhyme.) But, she is putting me through a painful exercise. Yesterday she challenged the members at Our Wicked Weighs to post a before picture of our abs. Now, mostly I just think this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment...But, then I thought it could help in the motivation department. Maybe.

I work out regularly. I've got the exercise habit, I know I feel better when I'm being active, so that part of the equation is working for me. I like to do a variety of activities. I know I have muscles, somewhere, buried under the...ah...insulation. And it's not like the "insulation" is doing anything for me. It certainly did nothing to keep me warm this winter. After all this hard work, it would be nice if I could actually see those muscles that I've been working.

Since I'm doing the exercise, it seems that food must be the issue. Not that I haven't been trying to eat properly. But here I still am, so obviously I'm haven't been trying hard enough.

I do want to say this: I know there are others out there who have much more weight to lose than I do. Sometimes I feel like I'm complaining way too much over my extra 25 pounds. So, to all of those people out there who are working on losing a larger number of pounds, I salute you! This is hard work and it's not fun.

Does it seem like I'm putting this off? Rambling about anything and everything in order to fill up space? That's because I am. But, I guess if the other ladies over there at Our Wicked Weighs can do it, so can I.

If a picture says a thousand words, then here is this week's Reason To Lose Weight:

Yes, I am that blindingly white.

In Other News
I had posted yesterday that the Boil Water Order had been lifted. When I got in the car on Monday night after work, Moon had just heard them say on the radio that it was over. Yay! But this morning, listening to the radio, they said the order was still on. Went and checked the City of Saint John website and sure enough: The Boil Order had been lifted...Then Reinstated later the same day. Unfortunately we didn't hear about the reinstatement until this morning. After I've been brushing my teeth and washing veggies in water straight from the tap since Monday night. Ugh.

Have now added City of Saint John RSS feed to my feeds in Outlook so I will see these things when they happen instead of relying on the radio. We only listen to the radio on the way too and from work which is a relatively short drive.

Numbers on the gorram scale seem to be moving in the wrong direction this week. Not a happy camper.

Daily Record
Weight: 143.6 lb

BF: Grain Shop High Fibre Crisp w/milk, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Tortellini Stew
Snack: Yogurt & berries
Supper: Chili, possibly cornmeal muffins to go with if I feel like making them

Planned Workout: C25K 1.3


jodi said...

i think you have awesome abs - you can totally see the definition, esp. on the sides! very nice! ;o)

Merry said...

Naah... if I didn't need to put on sunglasses, you're not so pale.

And I /love/ the description of that Tortellini stew! I'm not a fan of vegetables (I endure them rather than love them) but that recipe sounds like one I could really enjoy!

Oooh, how cool. I just looked up from my computer and saw the lunar eclipse :)

Anonymous said...

I can see the start of some definition there.

the Bag Lady said...

Hey, good for you for posting the picture! You have abs!! The Bag Lady can see the definition. Don't know what you were worried about...

Just for that, the Bag Lady will post a photo of herself. Just as soon as she has abs. (hahahahaha)

How old are you, anyway? You look like a kid. Sheesh.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Gosh that sounds like such fun I'm going to rush out and take a picture of my abs JUST AS SOON AS HELL FREEZES OVER.

I agree with the others--you've got definition and everything. I do hope you're at least sucking in a little.

(Does anyone else reflexively pull their stomach in when they look in a mirror or is it just me?)

JavaChick said...

Well thank you for all of the positive comments ladies. Perhaps the picture makes things look better than they really are - you do realize that I'm standing up straight and contracting my abs and all of that - no way I'm going to do this kind of picture while slouching. And then of course there is the profile view...Sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to go there.

Bag Lady - Curious. In what way do I "look like a kid"? I'm 37. I'm only 5 feet tall (Or as my husband likes to say: 3 apples tall), which I think makes people think I'm younger than I am. Not sure whether you'd be able to tell that from the photo though. Actually, not sure how a photo of my stomach makes me "look like a kid" at all. Hence the curious.

JavaChick said...

Crabby - you sneaked in there while I was posting. Yes, as I mentioned in my comment - I am contracting my abs, I think that's the same thing as "sucking in"?

the Bag Lady said...

Gosh, I'm not sure what it is, exactly, about that photo that makes you look young. Perhaps the long hair peeking over your shoulder, and the smooth skin... Take it as a compliment - that's how it was meant, honest!

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - maybe it's my teeny, tiny fingers; that's how they look in the picture. Don't worry - I wasn't bothered by it, just curious.