Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of fall

I won’t say a word about how it would have been nice to actually have summer. Ahem.

It’s late, so this will be quick…

Snack before bed last night  to handle the hollow belly – bread with peanut butter did the trick.


This morning, in an effort to avoid a repeat of the starved-by-dinner thing, I had two pieces of toast. Also a pear, which I took to work and ate around mid-morning.


Sorry about the photos – hard when there is no natural light and it was gloomy this morning.

Lunch was delicious and I would buy this again (sorry, wasn’t paying attention and got the French side):


IMG_6555 IMG_6556

Late afternoon, I felt like I needed a little something, so I had:


After work took Fred for a little walk, while George looked on from the yard (poor baby)…

IMG_6558 IMG_6562


Then I hit the treadmill for some intervals. Felt hard today for some reason, but I was able to complete my routine without feeling like I was pushing it, so I did my intervals and got in a nice long walk to cool down. Then just as I was getting off the treadmill Pop Goes The World came on my iPod, and I felt the need to bounce around my basement until it was over. It’s just that kinda song. Go download it. Now. Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats. Then you too can bounce around your house with a silly grin on your face. What? That’s not convincing? Huh.

Soup’s On…

Husband came home from work not feeling well, so he wanted our traditional cure – soup with lots of hot spice, ginger & garlic.

IMG_6567  IMG_6569

Husband cut up a couple of chicken breasts. I chopped up some garlic and ginger, along with some tofu. Threw all that in the pan with a little oil and some Tom Yum paste. Let it saute a bit then threw in the broth and got it simmering while I chopped veggies. When the chicken was cooked through, I tasted the broth and made some additions so that it would be more hot and more sour, then threw in the veggies just long enough for them to be tender-crisp.

I had also cooked some noodles. They went in the bowl, then the soup got ladled on top.



Evian should really sponsor me. I drink a bottle every day.

Sat down with my soup to watch the season premiere of House from last night, which was two hours – which is why I’m behind schedule here, two hours of TV instead of one.

For some added dinner excitement, Fred brought in a very tiny, very lively mouse. So I had to jump up, grab my gardening gloves and catch the poor thing. It really was tiny. And wiggly. I caught it, but then lost it trying to open the door while holding on to it. Caught it again and took it outside to set on the step. Once I put it down outside it didn’t run immediately so I got to have a look at it. Cute little thing it was and it doesn’t seem like it was injured at all. Now hopefully it’s smart enough not to turn around and run right back into the cat enclosure.

Decided I needed a little dessert tonight – sliced peach and Mocha Yogurt.


Dishes done. Blogging done. I’m off to bed.

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Merry said...

I'm afraid I got landed with your summer as well as mine. It's 90 degrees outside right now :(
And the coast is absolutely beautiful, and only an hour away, and... I have to work :(