Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labour Day Weekend

I had good intentions for blogging on the weekend. I really did. But it kept getting put off. And things were busy. I eventually decided I would just post the highlights and I would do it last night.

Then I got all distracted by the Star Trek marathon on Space and totally lost track of time. Oh yes, I really did.

But, I have pictures taken – not of all my meals, but definitely some highlights.

So, summary, here we come…

Since I missed the perfect opportunity to get Boot Camp Workout #3 for the week done on Friday night, I wanted to make sure I got it in early on Saturday. I am not a morning person, by any means, and while I have done workouts first thing after rolling out of bed in the morning, I find that my energy levels are not good when I do that. For Boot Camp, energy is beneficial. So my plan of attack: Stumble out of bed, make a pot of coffee. Relax and enjoy a first cup of coffee, then take myself down to the basement for Boot Camp. Then, I would enjoy a second cup of coffee with breakfast.

I have to say, this plan worked extremely well. I was feeling great – lots of energy for my workout and I was left with a sense of accomplishment for having it completed so early in the day. I had a shower and enjoyed my breakfast. Ahhhhh!

I went out to check on the garden, did some puttering around the house, relaxed for a bit with my book. Then I was out for the evening for a bachelorette party.


IMG_6304 IMG_6309  IMG_6310



IMG_6321 IMG_6328



I didn’t drink any alcohol at the bachelorette party – I was driving – but for some reason I didn’t sleep well Saturday night. So I was pretty slow moving on Sunday morning.

In the afternoon Husband and I headed out to The Pumpkin Patch and loaded up on local produce. Then we headed over to Stirling’s which opens for apple season. It’s mostly apples, but they have some produce as well. Then we hit the grocery store to fill in the gaps and headed home.

The Star Trek marathon on the Space station started on Saturday with all of the Star Trek movies. I had the TV on, but for the most part I was in and out just catching bits of the movies – while folding laundry, sitting down to have lunch, etc. But at supper time I actually sat down and watched a whole movie. And then another one. And then it was bed time.

IMG_6335 IMG_6342 IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_6344 IMG_6345

Monday was a busy day. Did some cleaning, made apple crisp and a batch of salsa. Got Boot Camp #1 for the week out of the way – back to the push-up one and I actually managed almost all of them this time – won’t say they were all done with good form, but given that it was almost 70 push-ups I’ll take it.

Then we made supper – Husband wanted Hodge Podge again.

By the time we did all that, I was pooped. The Star Trek marathon on Monday was top 10 Viewer’s Choice original Star Trek episodes. I sat down with my supper to catch a few episodes, intending to get back up again to finish cleaning up the kitchen and post a blog entry…next thing I knew it was almost bed time.

IMG_6351 IMG_6352




Today was back to work. I didn’t take any food photos today – it was pretty repetitive stuff anyway – peaches+yogurt & coffee for breakfast, salad and a Kashi granola bar for lunch, leftover Hodge Podge and apple crisp for supper.

I will try to get back to it tomorrow.


Miz said...

Ive never ever ever seen ONE STAR TREK ANYTHING.

much to the husbands huge chagrin.

JavaChick said...

Oh Miz. I grew up on Star Trek. Can't imagine never having seen an episode!