Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Supper

Wow, I’m sleepy now! Looking forward to bed.

So after Indigo & Starbucks, I hit the Superstore. I think peach season is winding down – there was not much left for peaches at the store and what was there didn’t look great. I’ve still got some left, so I passed. Peach season always seems to end too soon.

However, I did see:


Pomegranates! Yay!

Of course I took the picture, then totally forgot to buy even one. But I still have peaches left to eat anyway.

It was getting late when I got home, so we put the groceries away and made supper. I picked up shrimp and veggies for a stir fry. We have a tendency to wing it when it comes to stir frying, but we usually do discuss it and at least have a little bit of a plan going in…

Not tonight. I realized the pan was hot and said so to Husband. He said start throwing things in, which I did. Once you start doing that, you pretty much have to move fast if you don’t want things to be over cooked. So I’m throwing in veggies and shrimp and stirring things around and Husband is dumping in ingredients for the sauce…Couldn’t tell you what went in there and I won’t lie – I was wondering how it would turn out.

But when we decided it was pretty much ready, we tasted the sauce to see if it needed adjustment and it was actually really good.

IMG_6440Photo snapped of wok as Husband called me a nut.

As I was looking around for my camera, Husband dished up noodles and he ended up giving me way too many. But I piled on some shrimp and veggies anyway.


I didn’t even eat half of the noodles, but it was tasty.

But then a little while later, after I’d finished cleaning up, I started to feel hungry – guess that’s what skipping lunch then eating mainly shrimp and veggies will do for you. Husband is always up for dessert, so we had:


I was pleased to discover Deep Chocolate Vita Muffins at the Superstore a few weeks back – another one of those things that I see all the time on other food blogs, and I’m finally finding here. I think on their own they are kind of dry, but with some ice cream they make a decent dessert.

And I think I am done-in for the day.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to make a batch of spaghetti sauce to freeze, and can another batch of salsa. Should be a busy day, so it’s time to take my yawning self to bed.


Crystal said...

That stir fry looks great! I love stir fry but have never made it-I assume you need a wok for that?

JavaChick said...

Hi Crystal - a wok makes it easier, but a deep skillet would also work. The trick is to have everything ready before you start cooking - once you start throwing things in the pan, it goes pretty fast.

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Nuke the vitamuffin for 10 seconds. Makes all the difference in the world.

JavaChick said...

Hi Dee - thanks for the suggestion. :)