Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My knight in shining armor….

Or not.

Just had a minor incident with my computer & computer desk that culminated in the keyboard tray falling off it’s tracks and crashing to the floor. I’m thinking Husband had to have heard that and yet there was no sign of him coming down to find out what happened. I decided to carry on with putting my desk back together and figuring out what was wrong with my computer. He did eventually call down from the top of the stairs so I asked him to come down and help me.

I said it was a good thing I didn’t hurt myself or anything, I could have been lying down here unconscious for all he knew. He said “Well I yelled down, but you didn’t hear me…” at which point he trailed off because that basically amounts to he called down, I didn’t answer and he waited 15 minutes to actually come find out if there was something wrong. Granted, I do have a history of being clumsy, but you’d think that would make him more concerned, not less. Hmph.

So much for my knight in shining armor.

Anyway, on to the rest of my day…

The sun did make a brief appearance as we were coming home from work. Fred and I went for a ramble.


IMG_6659 IMG_6668 IMG_6669

I was in the mood for a bit of exercise today, so when we came in from our walk, I hit the treadmill. I had been thinking of doing running intervals, but once I got walking I decided I wasn’t feeling like running so I did walking intervals instead, alternating higher/lower speeds every two minutes for 20 minutes, then a 10 minute cool down.

Then it was time to make supper. I wanted to finish off the loaf of bread we had before it was too far gone, and we have an excess of eggs in the fridge, so toast & omelets were on the menu. I sauteed some onion and yellow bell pepper first, then added eggs. We also steamed a bag of frozen broccoli & cauliflower – I really prefer fresh, but Husband likes the convenience of frozen, so we’ve been sort of trading off.

I added some Japanese Sesame dressing to the steamed veggies, and served the omelets on toast with sliced tomato and dill pickle.

I was thinking of this as an easy meal to use up some ingredients, but I have to admit – once I got it plated it looked pretty good to me.

IMG_6682 IMG_6683 IMG_6684

And of course, apple pie for dessert.


I had been thinking I’d do a short yoga routine before bed, but this took me a lot longer than I thought – what with my desk falling apart and my computer freezing up –so now it’s pretty much bed time.

I actually had a hard time falling asleep last night. Does that ever happen to you – you are so exhausted but when you go to bed you suddenly feel awake and can’t sleep? Hoping tonight goes better.


Diana said...

Sometimes meals made of random bits and pieces are the best, if you ask me! I feel like I come up with the best stuff when I'm just trying to use something up. Ain't that a bitch?! Wish I could make something as good on purpose. :)

the Bag Lady said...

I have trouble falling asleep most nights. Doesn't seem to matter how tired I am, as soon as I turn off the lights, my mind starts racing.

JavaChick said...

Diana - it wasn't a fancy meal, but it did the trick! But yeah, sometimes the "throw together what I've got" meals are the best!

Bag Lady - I'm normally a good sleeper, when I can't sleep I get really cranky.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

My knight in shinng armor - We were eating in a restaurant when I started slightly choking. I walked out in the parking lot and stood next to our car until it passed, but I was out there a good ten minutes or so. No husband in sight. I walked back in to the restaurant, sat down , and he was eating. I said, "thanks a lot" He said, "I hollered in the womens bathroom but you didn't say anything."