Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Summer Eats

So this is food blog day three – more or less; I guess Monday was not a complete day but whatever.

Lunch all packed for the day and I was not running late for a change, so I had cereal for breakfast.


I had Nature’s Path Optimum Slim – which I like because it’s like a bunch of different cereals all mixed up – and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. I tend to stick to milk substitutes for my cereal because I have an iffy relationship with dairy. I can handle cheese & yogurt, a splash of cream in my coffee, but too much milk does not agree with my tummy. So far, I’d say the Almond Breeze is my favourite in cereal.

Got to work and enjoyed a coffee at my desk,


as I do every morning.

Lunch was salad topped by avocado mashed with lime, and Tangerine & Lime dressing.



And my water addiction there in the background…

It was another sunny day, and I kept planning to get out for a break and just take a walk around the block…just as soon as I finish this next thing…and the next thing I knew it was almost 4:00 and it seemed too late then.

Around 4:15 I was feeling hungry, and I knew I was planning on a Boot Camp workout before supper so I decided to have a snack – Cherry Pie LaraBar.


As it turned out, it was almost 6 PM by the time Husband picked me up to head home, and then we had to stop off at the Superstore on the way home, so I was glad I’d had the snack.

After my workout Husband and I whipped up another Summer Favourite – Bacon and Tomato sandwiches. I was going for the Multi-grain bread at the store, but Husband wanted Sour Dough for a change.

I changed mine up a bit more with the addition of this:


I am addicted to this Chipotle & Roasted Red Pepper Topped Hummus. I love it! I know it goes well with tomatoes, so I decided to add it to my sandwich.



Raw veggies on the side (cauliflower and more tomatoes) and a smidge of Renee’s Cucumber Dill for dipping.



And that’s my day – exiciting huh? Work. Eat. Work. Boot Camp. Eat. I’m done.


Crystal said...

Totally lovin the food blogging. Everything looks so yummy and is giving me lots of good ideas for food choices. The pics rock, too!

JavaChick said...

Thanks Crystal. The photos come out pretty well as long as I've got lots of daylight, but later in the evening they don't come out quite as well.