Thursday, September 17, 2009


It was a sunny Thursday, if a little on the cool side. Still, sunshine-y days always put me in a good mood.

Started the day off with my favorite cereal combo of the moment – Optimum Slim + 1 peach + Almond Breeze. You can also see my lunch sitting off to the side there, all ready to go.


Lunch time – I heated up one of Amy’s Kitchen Burritos and added some raw veggies on the side. My burrito exploded a bit in the microwave, so it doesn’t look very pretty.


This was actually a Breakfast Burrito. I keep buying them and then Husband eats them before I get around to trying one – I just don’t think of grabbing breakfast from the freezer I guess. Anyway, I decided to try one for lunch. I’ve liked the other Amy’s Burritos that I’ve had, but wasn’t crazy about this one, I thought it was a little bland. If I ate one again, I’d make sure to have some salsa to go with it.

Went out for my afternoon walk and snapped a few pics on my iPhone.

Looking down the street, I could see a cruise ship in port for the day.


And looking in the other direction, the block that Husband and I lived on when we first got married. At the top left you can just barely see a cream colored building – that was our apartment.


I walked up the hill and around the corner from the apartment, and I was on the route that we used to walk to work every day.

IMG_0134  IMG_0135

We are both in different jobs now; if we still lived in that apartment, I’d be right around the corner from work!

It was a nice apartment, and in a nice spot, but it just wasn’t big enough. There are things that I miss about living there, but I’m happy to be in my house now!

I decided I was hungry around 3:40 and had a snack:



For supper, we ended up having Soba Noodles with Peanut Sauce. Husband asked what I felt like having, and that was it. He requested some broccoli on the side, which was ok by me. This was frozen instead of fresh, which to me does not taste quite as good, but it was still good with a little Japanese Sesame dressing on it.


We had supper as soon as we got home today because we were both hungry. I did actually have a few Triscuits with Hummus while prepping dinner (4 Triscuits)  but I didn’t get a picture.

I watched the season premiere of Bones that I had on the PVR from last night while eating  (we’re terrible – Husband eats in front of his computer, and I usually watch TV or read) and then I took Fred for a short walk. It wasn’t even 8:00, but it was getting dark already. I was wearing a fleece hoodie and I was definitely chilly. So it was a quick walk, then I came in a did the dishes.

I’m thinking that I will do an easy walk on the treadmill to stretch my legs, and call it a day.


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Love this post...

BTW: I've started a new blog strictly for my online peeps. Please don't mention it on my regular blog, but I'd love to have you over there following me!

Sagan said...

Looks like a really nice walk!

Almond Breeze is such a treasure.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Lots of smart eating choices there! And we both eat our dinner in front of the tv--some people are really judgmental about that, but we get plenty of time to chat and it's one of our favorite parts of the evening.

JavaChick said...

Dee - thanks for letting me know about the new blog.

Sagan - I agree; Almond Breeze is great! It has made my life so much easier since I can't handle much milk and I'm not a fan of soy milk.

Crabby - I'm glad to know we're not the only ones! I enjoy a little TV in my day.