Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Happy Wednesday folks! Gotta love a short work week.

Not a terribly exciting food day – pretty repetitive in fact. Was going to say that it wasn’t a very exciting day at all, but then I remembered:

IMG_0087 IMG_0089

A package to brighten my day. It’s been ages since I’ve found Coconut Cream Pie LaraBars around here, so I broke down and ordered a box. I had also ordered a box of the Peanut Butter Cookie once since I’ve never seen them at all, but I got a message saying they were waiting for stock…then got another message saying they were discontinued (!?!?) so still no Peanut Butter Cookie for me. But at least I have Coconut Cream Pie!

So today…My breakfast of choice this time of year:

IMG_0082 IMG_0084

Fresh peaches, sliced right into the yogurt container, since there was only about a serving left. And of course coffee!

Lunch was leftover Hodge Podge. I topped it with some shredded cheddar cheese to change it up a bit.


We’re still enjoying beautiful, sunny weather. I got out for a break around 2 pm, stretched my legs and got some fresh air. Then back to my busy day.

Around 3 – 3:30 I started to feel hungry, and I knew I’d be Boot-Camping after work, so I decided to have a snack. Pulled from my desk drawer:


When I got home from work I thought I wasn’t really in a Boot Camp mood, but once I got going I was fine.

Had a little snack while getting organized to make supper. Finished off a container of hummus with a few Triscuits – there wasn’t much left.


For supper, the return of the Bacon & Tomato Sandwich. This was the best one so far this year. New batch of tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market. Different type of bacon. Toasted Whole Wheat Bread. Not sure what made the difference, but it was fabulous! Along with a Greek-style salad.


So very tasty. And satisfying!

That’s my day. Just about ready for sleep now.

Sorry for the fuzzy photos by the way - all taken with my iPhone today because it's easier.


Miz said...

is it official?
how do we make it official?? :)
youre a foooodie blogger!!

JavaChick said...

Miz - I'm going to try it for now. We'll see how it goes.

Dr. J said...

Just came by to see what you are up to and say, hi!

I have a cat! She's a wild thing that just showed up at the door as a kitten. I fed her half a dog biscuit and she never left! It took months before she would even come into the house, but now we are bonded. She is my first cat, and I am her first person :-)

JavaChick said...

Hi Dr. J! Thanks for stopping by! Cats are the best! :)