Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late afternoon pick-me-up

I didn't eat lunch before heading out shopping, and I was fine for
most of the afternoon. My last stop before grocery shopping was the
Indigo bookstore and as I was walking around I could smell the coffee
and Starbucks started calling to me. When I was finished my shopping,
I stopped in for a Mocha. I almost forgot to take a picture, but when
I thought of it I realized I should not miss the opportunity to
photograph my very first Starbucks experience.

We've had 3 Starbucks locations in Saint John for at least a year now, maybe longer, but I'm pretty sure this is the first Starbucks coffee I've had - usually if I'm going to buy coffee I go to Java Moose, a local coffee chain. Java Moose is still my favorite, but the Mocha was pretty good.


Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

*coughs* First SB experience? Holy moly sister! haha, you are soooo East Coast. :)

Glad you enjoyed.

Now go in there and get creative. The fun is giving them a really long winded drink to prepare. haha.

JavaChick said...

I mainly just drink basic coffee and only go for the fancy stuff once in a while so I wouldn't even know what to ask for. There's a good chance a year will go by before I set another foot inside a Starbucks anyway. We have Java Moose - who needs Starbucks?

*Ducks and runs for cover*