Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Morning

I was in bed, turning out the light by 11:05 last night and I slept straight through until 8:30 this morning – except for one visit from Fred in the middle of the night for cuddles. Ahhhh!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…


I sorta tried to convince myself that I should repeat last Saturday’s routine – coffee, boot camp, more coffee & breakfast – but I just didn’t want to do it this morning. So coffee & breakfast it was.

I had some eggs and bread that were needing to be used up, so I decided to make French Toast.

IMG_6434IMG_6435 IMG_6436

It wasn’t the best French Toast I’ve ever had – I’m blaming the bread, definitely past it’s prime – but with peaches and maple syrup on top it couldn’t be terrible.

I relaxed with breakfast and coffee. And another cup of coffee, watching some Property Ladder on TLC – I love watching people take run-down houses and make them beautiful again.

Then , after a little puttering, it was time for Boot Camp #3 of the week. Only 2 weeks left of the FBBC program – already wondering what I’ll do next.

Now it’s time for a shower, then off to do some shopping; have to buy a wedding gift. Must decide what we’ll have for supper tonight as well…

I love weekends.

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