Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

And Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to me and my darling hubby! Our anniversary is on New Year's Eve, and we had a lovely evening.

We had a lovely holiday all around, but now it is back to work and back to Weight Watcher-ing...5 pounds heavier than when I started out in September! Not good, but I feel motivated to stop the insanity.

I have to say - I did not feel ready to go back to work today, but I do feel ready to start eating healthy again. I can only stand so much indulgence. I'm really hoping I can get Moon on board as well, but we shall see.

And now, to provide some inspiration as I get going:

Bad foods that are actually great for your waist!

I think there is a lot of common sense in that article, and some useful things to keep in mind. I also feel a little vindicated!

* I'm not really a fan of red meat, but when we do have it, we always go for lean. Neither one of us enjoys chewing on fat, so steaks are always sirloin, and I always buy extra lean ground sirloin.

* I never like the "diet" versions of ice cream or cheese (with the exception of that Ben & Jerry's chocolate brownie frozen yogurt). Actually, I'm not that big a fan of ice cream (again, except for Ben & Jerry's). But I do like cheese, and I like my cheese to be full-fat, thank-you very much. Yogurt too. The low fat stuff always tasts like there is something missing. I'd much rather have a small serving of the real thing.

* If we're having pizza, it's usually made at home on whole wheat pita bread. Because it's easy to do, less greasy, and when you load it with peppers, onions and olives, and a good tomato sauce, it is very yummy.

So...this is my strategy for weight loss, and what I would like to adopt as my eating plan for life - eat real food that is healthy and tasty, in the correct portions. That almost sounds easy...

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