Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reasons to lose weight - #2

This is not a new struggle for me, obviously. I keep at it for health reasons, but also – let’s be honest here – vanity plays a part. I don’t like how I look. I don’t like being chubby. So, I keep coming back to the struggle.

Despite what I have just said, during this struggle I sometimes – often even – find myself thinking: but if I lose weight, my clothes won’t fit anymore and I like my clothes. How crazy is that? Yeah, I like my clothes...but let’s face it, I like new clothes as well. I tend to buy new clothes every season (in addition to liking clothes, I also like to shop). Eventually clothes wear out, go out of style, etc. So as much as I like these clothes, it’s not like I am going to wear them forever.

I don’t know if that “but I like my clothes” refrain is an excuse not to try harder. Or something to console myself with because I feel I’m going to fail anyway, but at least I can cheer myself with the fact that I have nice clothes to wear. Regardless, this stops now. Instead, I will remind myself:

1. It will take time to lose weight, so I can enjoy wearing my beloved clothes until then.
2. When I lose weight, it will be fun to shop for smaller sizes.

So that’s it. No more shopping. I certainly don’t need new clothes – I have lots to wear. I will make full use of what I have, until such time as a) they no longer fit me because I have become so slim, or b) I have legitimately worn them out and I have nothing to wear.

Daily Record
Weight: 143

BF: toasted WW Raisin Bread w/PB, coffee w/Cream
Lunch: Mexican White Bean & Brown Rice Casserole
Snack: Yogurt & Berries
Supper: ??



What a great post today chickie! Very honest and thought provoking about why you think and do. And it's something I've been thinking about for awhile myself too. I made a promise to myself not to buy one single piece of clothing until I'm 150 pounds... that's why I've been doing so much shoe whoring instead. It's added motivation!

the Bag Lady said...

Good strategy! The Bag Lady has a closet full of clothes in a variety of sizes. Most of them are out-dated because all she seems to wear are jeans and shirts - flannel in the winter, T-shirts in the summer.
Enjoy those clothes you love, and revel in the fact that they are going to get looser and looser until you'll be forced to go shopping for smaller sizes!!

JavaChick said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

I do so love shoes. I have a serious shoe habit in fact. I think I will have to cut myself off from shoe shopping too - there would be some motivation because I just love buying shoes!

I'm not getting to wear my pretty clothes as much as I like these days either. Mostly I go to work (where the office is so cold I am just piling on as many layers as I can to be warm) then I go home and change into workout gear so I can exercise, light the fire in the woodstove, carry wood in, etc. Oh well. It's gotta warm up eventually.

the Bag Lady said...

javachick! You have a woodstove, too?! Did you see the Bag Lady's post on how to clean the glass in the door?
They say a wood fire warms you several times over - chopping the firewood, stacking the firewood, carrying the firewood, burning the firewood.
Gotta love that wood heat!
Oh, and don't get the Bag Lady started talking about shoes...

JavaChick said...

bag lady - I did see that post. I was already aware of that little secret though, because that's what my Mom does. It works!

Having a wood fire is more work, but it feels warmer than electric heat. We are lazy and buy our wood already split, but it still makes a mess carrying wood into the house, cleaning out the stove, etc. Worth it though!