Friday, April 29, 2011

Red Letter Day

Do you think Hello Kitty knows it’s my birthday?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's Fool's Day Courtesy of Mother Nature

So totally not funny.

Let us not speak of it.

March Workouts

I started of the month with a lot of neck and shoulder tension that was causing headaches. So there was a fair bit of yoga. It got better for a while, but this week it came back, so expect to see more yoga in April. But hopefully less snow.

Mar 02: Treadmill Walk + Yoga Emergency ARMS & SHOULDERS[35 mins]
Mar 03: YDL Gentle Hatha Flow #2[30 mins]
Mar 05: Yoga Emergency ARMS & SHOULDERS[12 mins]
Mar 08: YDL Heart Opening Flow #120 mins]
Mar 09: Treadmill Walk/Jog + YDL Shoulder Opener #1[50 mins]
Mar 10: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD[30 mins]
Mar 12: Crunch Cardio Sculpt DVD[30 mins]
Mar 13: Walk[20 mins]
Mar 14: Treadmill Walk[20 mins]
Mar 15: Pick Your Level Pilates DVD[30mins]
Mar 16: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD[30 mins]
Mar 20: Walk + YDL Solar Flow #1[45 mins]
Mar 22: Jackie Warner Workout UB + Cardio Intervals[40 mins]
Mar 24: Jackie Warner Workout LB + Treadmill walk[45 mins]
Mar 26: Crunch Cardio Sculpt DVD[30 mins]
Mar 29: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD + Heavy Circuit[40 mins]
Mar 30: Treadmill Walk/Jog + YDL Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[45 mins]