Monday, April 14, 2014

Holding Pattern

I don't really have much to say this week...Just chugging along as the weather slowly improves, and the snow disappears day by day.

The cats have started waking me up at 5 am, wanting to go out. This is what happens every spring...and it tends to get earlier and earlier as we get closer to summer...This usually ends once it gets warm enough for us to leave the window with the cat door open all night, but that won't happen this year until we get the fence fixed/replaced. I foresee an interesting spring.

Actually poked my head into the garden on Saturday. It was so sunny and warm out! The yard is pretty swampy though, and it will be a while before it dries up enough for me to do anything out there.

Still, the weather is warm and we've been getting some sun. Finally. I think it might be spring!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slow Spring

Last week I was so, so tired. Not sure why. I told Husband I felt jet-lagged and it was totally not fair because I didn't go anywhere. By last weekend I was feeling more normal though, which was a relief.

Friday, which is my usual work from home day every week, was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. We haven't seen many birds around over the winter, but Friday morning when I got up I saw cardinals out the back windows, and the feeders out front were busy with sparrows, juncos and even a woodpecker.

I thought they might disappear again, since Saturday was not a very nice day - snow and rain most of the day - but the birds seem to be sticking around. I'm hoping they know something we don't, and that it is a sign that spring is finally here.

The down side to that, we are in for more rain this week and there is still quite a bit of snow left to melt, so some people are probably going to end up with flooded basements which is never fun.

We had a bit of excitement Friday morning when a bird flew up from the basement and into the kitchen, followed closely by Frank. Frank caught the bird before we could get to it, but Husband grabbed Frank who reluctantly dropped the bird. The poor little chickadee landed on it's back, but it was still moving a bit, so I carefully picked it up, and when I released it on the patio it flew off, so hopefully it was unharmed.

Mostly short workouts this month, but fairly consistent so I am content.

March Workouts

01: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1
02: Treadmill Walk[30 mins] + MC#2
03: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1
04: Treadmill Walk[25 mins] + MC#3
06: Treadmill Walk[25 mins] + MC#1
08: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1
09: Treadmill Walk[47 mins]
10: YDL Sun Salutations #1 + MC#2
11: Treadmill Walk[25 mins] + MC#3
16: Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
17: YDL Moon Salutations Flow #1
18: Treadmill Walk[25 mins]
19: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1
23: Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
24: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1
25: Treadmill Walk[25 mins]
27: Treadmill Walk[25 mins]
29: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1

Mini Circuit #1
Squat + shoulder press w/dumbbells

Mini Circuit #2
Pilates tricep pushup
Deadlift + wide row w/dumbbells

Mini Circuit #3
V Pushup
Walking lunge + bicep curl w/dumbbells