Monday, December 30, 2013


We had our first real snow storm on Sunday, December 15, and it feels like it hasn't stopped since then. We've had lots of snow and freezing rain in the past two weeks. We've been on vacation, so mostly it hasn't affected us too much, and fortunately we had decent weather on both of our travel days so our planned visit to NS went as scheduled.

We headed for NS on the morning of the 23rd, leaving almost an hour earlier than usual since we'd had freezing rain all the previous day and overnight. By morning though, it was pretty much just rain, and our short drive to the ferry was no problem. It snowed every day from the 24 to the 27, though fortunately it was not coming down too hard on the 27th, when we were travelling back to NB. So thankful for the ferry, which means we only have an hour of highway driving.

We had a good visit with the family, but once we get on our way home to Saint John, I can't wait to get back to our house and the cats (crazy cat lady and proud of it). Our cat sitter had mentioned that our tree out front was really bending over from the weight of the ice, so I was hoping for the best, but as soon as we pulled into our drive way, we could see the tree was destroyed. That put a bit of a damper on our homecoming. That tree made me happy. :(

We've been puttering around, enjoying the rest of our vacation. The cats have been extra cuddly, and also a little stir crazy because they don't like going out in the snow so they have lots of energy to burn.

Tomorrow is our 12th wedding anniversary. Time flies! Usually we go out to dinner, but this year we are having some friends in instead. We're doing Chinese fondue for 8; we've never tried this with that many people, but hopefully it will work out and everyone will enjoy themselves.

It snowed last night. And it snowed again today. Happy winter holidays. I'm thinking I should buy snow shoes.

Winter scenes from my parents house

Bird watching at my in-laws

Checking out the remains of our maple tree and damage to the cat fence; they are both done for.

Fabulous Felines

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey! It's December.


Happy December 1st! Appropriately, we woke up to snow this morning, though I don't think it will last - there's rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. This is our first real snow of the year, so I guess we're pretty fortunate. We saw flakes in the air a few times before this. On Wednesday we woke up to a light frosting of snow, enough to make the road slick, but it was pouring down rain by the afternoon. I'm sure there's more to come though.

So. It's  been a  while. I have written numerous blog posts in my head, but somehow I never got around to actually typing anything. That sums up a lot of things lately; I just don't get around to it, can't be bothered, don't feel like it, don't have time...

Everything is fine. I'm fine. Husband is fine. Fabulous Felines are fine. We're all good. I'm just lacking in...something lately. Focus? Motivation? I don't know. I have some vacation coming up, maybe that is all I need.

In the mean time, let's have some fun with photos...

Ahh....October...Out comes the Autumn footwear...Hello you beautiful shoes!

A peck of pickled peppers? Okay not quite, but I did pickle them.

Oktoberfest anyone? FYI, Husband and I split that can of beer. I do not need to drink a full can when the can is the size of my head.

November. We started to get some chilly weather. Finally got around to digging up my carrots. I was a little afraid I would not get to them before the ground froze.

Had to stop filling the bird feeders because of raccoons. They are the cutest little critters, but they can climb the  fence and I was afraid  of them getting in and tangling with the cats. We can keep seed in the globe feeder though, so we still see chickadees.

Shoe sale! Could not pass these up. You understand.

We got a new bed. The old one was 15+ years old. It was time. And a new duvet. Fabulous Felines approve.

When I pruned my forsythia bush,  there were a few blossoms...In November...So I brought a few branches in, and put them in a vase; now we have forsythia in bloom in our kitchen.

Christmas cactus in bloom. So cheery!

So how are you guys? Everything good?