Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Went To Japan!

I went. I found my husband. We had a fantabulous vacation. We came home. I got the flu.

Things have been busy.

I have lots of photos that I have not yet done anything with, but will be posting over on the garden blog once I get my act together (since that is the blog my family reads). I did throw up some posts during my trip, to preserve that sort of as-it-happens feeling, which I'm glad I did. If you are interested check out my Japan posts on the garden blog and keep an eye out there for pictures.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moving into March

I think this may be the most winter-y week we've had this winter. While we have not had any storms, it has stayed cold, and we've had flurries that did at any point turn into rain. Really we've been so spoiled, it seems like it has never stayed cold for more than a few days at a time until this week. Having all of these cold days in a row feels like a real hardship...and it hasn't even been all that cold compared to other years. I was looking over my posts from last March, and the amount of snow we had at this time last year was just crazy. Still, I'm ready for winter to be over.

I know we've probably still got a month of winter weather ahead, but this is the time of year when I really start to get sick of it. What also happens this time of year is that grapes start to look really good to me...

For some reason, grapes always taste extra good this time of year - probably because we've gone so long without in-season produce. And really good grapes just have a sun-shiney quality about them.

Anyway. On to business. My February goals? Well, I didn't do so well on the tracking. All I really wanted to do was track if I ate anything that contained wheat or dairy. And I started to, but I didn't stick with it.

So there I was, eating goat and sheep milk cheese, trying to fill the void left by the absense of my beloved Balderson 2 Year Old White Cheddar (Oh how I miss you!) and thinking I'm going to have to stay away from the non-cow's milk cheeses because I am getting  itchy patches...Then I gave it some thought and remembered those few little innocent cookies that husband brought home from Japan...and the bits of chocolate here and there...and oh, how about some popcorn with real butter? So I honestly don't know - which was the whole point of tracking, now wasn't it?

So, I guess that's going to have to carry forward as a goal to work on, and I'm probably going to  have to start all over again. But that won't happen right away, because my main March goal is to GO ON VACATION AND HAVE A FABULOUS TIME.

How's that for a goal?

Actually, this has taken up quite a bit of my February. But we've got things mostly figured out now. We have a house sitter to stay at the house while we're gone and take care of the Fabulous Felines.  We've got our itinerary and our reservations. I'm honestly too overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done to be excited at this point, but it will come.

February Workouts
Feb 01: Jackie Warner 30 Day Fast Start Lower Body & Abs + Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
Feb 05: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Feb 06: Jackie Warner 30 Day Fast Start Upper Body + Treadmill Walk]40 mins]
Feb 07: Jackie Warner 30 Day Fast Start Lower Body & Abs[25 mins]
Feb 10: Crunch Fat Burning Yoga DVD[40 mins]
Feb 11: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Upper Body + 1 Heavy Set[20 mins]
Feb 12: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Lower Body[15 mins]
Feb 13: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Feb 14: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Feb 15: JW Xtreme Circuit[30 mins]
Feb 17: Zumba Toning @ Baila Fitness
Feb 20: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Feb 21: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Feb 23: Jackie Warner One On One Training - Upper & Lower Body[40 mins]
Feb 26: Jackie Warner Xtreme Circuit[30 mins]
Feb 27: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Feb 28: Zumba @ Baila Fitness
Yep, so, a lot of Zumba and a lot of Jackie Warner DVD workouts. I have  not been on the  scale, but my upper arms look slimmer. I have no idea if I've magically stumbled onto the right workout formula, or if it's because of how I've been eating - most wheat & dairy was eliminated, I have been mainly vegetarian though I've had fish probably once a week. I would like to say I will keep it up, but once Husband is home from his travels the vegetarian with fish thing will be out the  window and I'm not sure I'll be able to get to Zumba as often. We shall see what happens I guess.

The Fabulous Felines say hello...

Frank is such an excellent model. He holds his pose perfectly, allowing me to take lovely portraits. Meanwhile, Zappa either jumps up and runs toward me as soon as he realizes I'm focused on him, or he looks goofy and/or wild. Also, he constantly rolls around on that rug leaving balls of fur all over the  place. But that's okay. I adore them both and the only thing I don't like about going on vacation is how bad I feel about leaving them behind. Enjoying lots of kitty snuggles now to make up for it!