Monday, February 3, 2014

I think I missed January...

When last I blogged, my vacation was winding down and we were getting ready to host a Chinese Hot Pot dinner on New Year's Eve. We had fun! Then went back to work.

I started writing this post and somehow never got it finished...So for the next few moments, as you read this post, pretend it is somewhere around the first weekend in January...

We are having a more extreme winter than we are used to, that is for sure. The storms just keep coming. We have been lucky where we are, we have not lost power. A high number of homes in the surrounding areas went days without power over the holidays, and it still seems to be going off and on. I hope that we get a break soon!

Last year around this time, I did a review of the previous year, and I kind of liked it. It's so hard to keep track of life sometimes!

2013 was a bit of a tough year in many ways.
  • Husband did have one final trip to Japan in the early spring, and while he was away, I came down with a serious case of exhaustion which we are pretty sure was iron deficiency; it was not fun.
  • Husband had a few health issues over the past year that don't seem to have been serious, but they've kept us running back and forth to doctors.
  • These health issues also did sort of put Husband out of commission for a while each time, and I found myself having to take care of him and keep up with everything else on my own.
  • Frank went missing for two weeks in April, leaving me frantic and heart broken. I have never in my life experienced such joy as the day I arrived home from work and saw Frank sitting at the front door. Yes, I realize he is a cat. Deal with it. :) 
  • We got a new floor in the kitchen! It felt like an ordeal at the time, but the Fabulous Felines are digging the  radiant heat; we often find them sprawled in the kitchen floor, soaking it up.
  • During the summer, worrying things started going on at Husband's job, dragged on and on, causing us a fair amount of stress. Things are moving toward a positive resolution, but we are still waiting. 
  • We had a rainy, rainy summer. I was exhausted a lot of the time, for no good reason, except maybe stress. That's what my mom said, and she was probably right.
  • We got a new bed - our old one desperately needed replacing. We moved a bunch of stuff out of the room when the bed was being delivered, because there is not a lot of space, plus we did a good spring cleaning (in the fall) while we were at it. And when I was sorting through things and moving everything back into the room, I found the ring that I lost last year. That made me happy.
  • No more Zumba - the classes I was going to are no longer being offered, so I am back to doing my own thing full time...If I ever get back to it; I seem to be having a hard time getting back to an exercise routine. Unusual for me, but it's been months.
...And that's where I left off, intending to finish things off soon...Oh well!

January was a crazy month, weather wise. We had snow and cold, we had temperatures go up over 10 C, and all the snow melted. Then a week or so later, it got cold and snowed again. Keeps us on our toes.

I have pictures I could post...I just got finished posting on the garden blog, and now I feel too lazy to do it. Check out our NYE pics here, Frank & Zappa watching a chickadee at the feeder here, and a general roundup of January pics here, and please forgive my lazy blogging!