Monday, August 12, 2013


I'm kind of sad that it's August already...and almost half way through August at that. I feel like I want to make the most of this last month of summer. I'm not entirely sure what that means for me, but I want to do it. The days just go by so fast!

When last we spoke (or I blogged), I was mid-vacation and still feeling tiiiiirrrred. We went home to NS a couple of days later. I was tired, but still enjoyed our visit with family. We came home on Sunday so we'd have Monday at home (Provincial Holiday) and I actually felt pretty good on Monday, finally.

So last week was getting back into the work routine. It was not a bad week; I was tired by Friday, but normal tired I think. We had a good weekend, and I am starting this week determined to get back on track. Starting with cutting wheat out again for a while. Sigh. I was hoping moderation would do it, but that seems to be hard to do, especially now that Husband is home full time again. So, out it goes and we shall see if it has the same effect this time around.

I don't feel like I have that much more to say this week. Possibly because it is 9:40 pm and I am quickly approaching pumpkin time (that's what Husband calls it - as in I will turn into a pumpkin/need to go to sleep very soon).

So how about some pictures?

I grew garlic!

Then I refilled a bird feeder on this table, and a visitor dropped by for dinner.

The hummingbirds remain camera shy, but I am determined.
This dozer showed up, filled in a hole and flattened out the hill. A little worried. I don't want them to build anything past us. Maybe that's selfish, but I'm okay with that.

Frank. Just because.