Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hidey-ho neighbor!


Mighty fine weather we’re having, isn’t it?


Good harvesting weather for sure!

Actually, this week has been a little dismal – foggy & rainy, but at least it has stayed warm. All in all though, September has been pretty decent.

I have been bringing in a steady stream of tomatoes. Plus a few carrots, when we want them, and this past weekend I picked a lot of tomatoes, even some that weren’t quite ripe. I’m hoping the weather is going to stay warm for a bit, but you never know.

So there’s been a lot of this…



And this past Sunday my kitchen table looked like this…


No that I’m complaining.

Among other things, we’ve had pretty salads…


We tried out a new recipe for Tomato and Egg Soup…



It was a hit and we ended up making it two nights in a row.

And of course, some salsa…


I haven’t made nearly as much as I made last year; somehow it just seems like there hasn’t been time. I’m sure I’ll manage to put up a few more batches before the tomatoes are gone though.

Not this weekend, though, because my Mom is coming to visit. She doesn’t usually come by herself, usually my Dad & brother come too, but she had the opportunity to travel with someone this weekend, so she’ll be here tomorrow evening.

So, I will just give you a hello from the Fabulous Felines…



And a nod from some Sunflowers…


And then I’ll say good-night! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hodge Podge From My Garden

Yesterday’s bounty!




It had actually a few days since I had been out to the garden – the weather was damp and dreary for a lot of last week – so there were a ton of tomatoes to pick. I also pulled some carrots (there are still more in the ground), dug up garlic and the rest of the bunching onions, and emptied one of my potato tubs.

I filled my Star Trek movie popcorn bucket with potatoes of varying size.  Enough to give us a few meals.

I had the last of the green beans in the fridge. We hit the farmers market to pick up a few extras.

Then we made supper!


Totally worth growing my own potatoes for this Hodge Podge! I’m not normally one to get excited about potatoes (or carrots for that matter), but when they are consumed the same day they come out of the garden, it’s a whole different thing.

My beans and peas are definitely done, but there are more tomatoes, carrots and one more tub of potatoes. The weather has definitely taken a turn toward autumn, but the garden is not quite finished.







Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Can Has Grilled Cheeze!

I think I am experiencing some end-of-summer blues. Granted, we can still have lovely weather for a while yet, but the air has that autumn feel to it and the long summer evenings are quickly disappearing.

Fortunately, I have some consolation.

IMG_9547 IMG_9569


I am eating as many grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches as I can manage. With tomatoes that I grew my-own-self, and my beloved Balderson Extra-Old White Cheddar.


I believe I have had one of these sandwiches per day for the past four days. Plus a couple of bacon and tomato, for good measure.

I’ve also got plenty of grape and cherry tomatoes to go in salads.




So I guess things aren’t all that bad. 

Hurricane Earl amounted to nothing more than a rainy Saturday in these parts, and by late afternoon the sun was out.

We had a holiday Monday to laze around the house.



True, the holiday is over and we’re back to work. But it’s a four-day week – and here it is Wednesday already – so another weekend is not far away. And more grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches to be eaten!

I guess I don’t need to worry about winter just yet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st!

Today was warmer than yesterday. 33 degrees Celsius as were pulling into our driveway. At 10 to 6. On September 1st! I think we’ve been setting a new record every day.
I would like to point out that I am not complaining. Yes it is to hot to do much moving around. Husband didn’t even want to go out and light the BBQ after work today so we had salads and snack plates. But I sorta feel like I have to store up all of this sun and heat to get me through the winter. We did move the air conditioner from Husband’s computer room to the bedroom last night though, so we could sleep.
So, time for that month end review. I did actually work out during the month of August, even though I was not updating my sidebar. So here it is:
Aug 01: 2 hrs stacking wood
Aug 02: 80 minutes stacking wood
Aug 04: The FIRM Express Cardio DVD[30 mins]
Aug 05: The FIRM Power Half Hour DVD[30 mins]
Aug 12: 25 minute walk
Aug 14: PYL Pilates[30 mins]
Aug 16: Cardio Intervals[20 mins]
Aug 17: Fat Burning Fusion DVD[45 mins]
Aug 18: Cardio Intervals[25 mins]
Aug 24: 2o minute walk
Aug 25: Fusion Flow DVD[45 mins]
Aug 26: Barefoot Cardio DVD[45 mins]
Aug 27: 1 hour stacking wood
Aug 28: Gentle Hatha Flow #1[20 mins]
Aug 30: PYL Pilates

I’m finding, at the moment, that I do better to just keep my expectations low. Aim for short workouts. Doing what I can. I’m sure I will settle back into a routine once fall really sets in, but for now this is what works.
Two fun grocery store finds to share from our stop at SuperStore on the way home today.
Feta from Nova Scotia.
White Cheddar from PEI.
We had some of the feta in our salad tonight and it was very good. A creamy, mild tasting feta which is perfect for us as Husband doesn’t like a feta that is too strong.
Have not tried the Cow’s Cheddar yet, but looking forward to it. They make good ice cream, hopefully the cheese is just as good!
Spent a little time in the garden this evening, watering and then lounging in a chair with a magazine. It is slightly cooler outside than inside. Not a huge difference, but still welcome. And the surroundings are quite pleasant!