Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Please let me not get sick...

Very tired tonight. Stealing my post from the WW board today because I'm too tired to type much...

...................................My day got off to a so-so start. Measured out my morning cereal, poured in the milk, then as I was turning to put the milk back in the fridge I somehow managed to hook my cereal bowl with my elbow. I realized what was happening and turned back before the whole bowl crashed to the floor, but I did tip it enough to pour cereal and milk all over the floor, my pant let, sock and shoe. That's me, ever the graceful one. The silver lining - ran to change my clothes and grabbed the first pair of jeans I saw. I remember the last time I wore these I thought they were a little on the snug side, but today they feel quite comfy and I actually cinched the belt one more notch than usual. So I'm feeling ok, spilled milk and all.........................

I think I'm coming down with Moon's cold though. Feeling tired, achy, sore throad. Going to take some advil and head off to bed early.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, Monday...

So not so good today.

Moon did do as he was told and take the bag of party mix away, out of my sight, he polished it off over the weekend. He also did quite a good job on the donuts...but not quite good enough.

It was a busy Monday at work. Moon is sick with some sort of flu or nasty cold. He's not feeling good at all. So we came home and Moon says he's going to lie down, call him when supper is ready.

So off I go to make supper and what do I see but the bag of donuts...there were four left...I ate two...that's 7 points...7 points! 7 points could be a whole meal!

But they were tasty donuts.

Made hot & sour chicken soup for supper. Lots of ginger, garlic, chilies...Hopefully the soup will burn the virus right out of Moon's system and keep me from catching it!

And then, unfortunately, after supper I ate the other two donuts.

So, I've put quite a hole in my Flex Points. I'll have to be careful for the rest of the week.

On the bright side, all of that stuff is out of the house now. That should help me stick to my points for the rest of the week.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome to The Firm

Is it crazy that I am looking forward to these new workout DVDs? Do I sound obsessed? Maybe I won't be quite so thrilled about it at 6:00 tomorrow morning, but at the moment I'm quite happy about the whole thing.

First time ever, I ordered something from an infomercial. About a month ago now I guess. I happened to catch part of this informercial for The Firm. I've never done any of their workouts, but it's a series that I've heard of. I know, I know, it's all marketing, there is no miracle workout just like there is not miracle pill or miracle food. But, this did look like the type of workout that I had been on the lookout for.

I have a couple of DVDs already that combine cardio and weights. I really enjoy the two DVDs that I have alreay, and I feel like they are efficient; I can get it some cardio and some strengh building at the same time. It just makes it easier to fit it all in. I had been looking for some new DVDs to add into the rotation - it's good to shake things up once in a while, add some new moves, keep the body challenged. But how do you know which DVD is going to be the right one?

So I see this infomercial, and I can actually see exerpts from the videos, and get an idea of what it's all about. Plus, it comes with weights. I already do have some weights of course, but this is a set that allows you to add plates to create different weights. Also very handy.

I did think it over for a week or two, and then I ordered it. Just picked it up at the post office on Saturday. It comes with a workout schedule as well, and supposedly I will see results in 10 workouts. Of course, I'm not coming to this as someone who had never exercised, so I'm sure that has some bearing on the results.

I also signed up to the the Little Black Dress Workout Challenge on the Weight Watchers forum. I liked the idea of doing a challenge, having a goal in mind. So I plan to try and sort of combine the workouts. The important thing is the results right?

Today I tried the first of The Firm DVDs. The schedule says to do it for the first time with no weights, but of course that's no fun. I did my Iron Yoga workout with 2 lb weights yesterday, and technically I know I should have not done anything with weights today...But it was only 2 lbs, so I tried The Firm workout with 3 lbs today. Normally I would use at least 5 lbs.

We'll see tomorrow whether that was a bad idea. I'm already sort of feeling it. I may end up being sorry.

But I really did enjoy the workout. I felt like I was working, yes. But I enjoyed it. So maybe I am crazy.

Today went well. Hot dogs for breakfast and lunch again, but accompanied by veggies. 23.5 points for the day, which I feel pretty good about. And my weight has been back down to 137 lbs for the past two days, which gives me a good feeling.

Can't believe the weekend is over already. Weekends just go too fast. But it was a good one.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Adventures In Dieting, Episode 1

Time to introduce my darling husband; let's call him Moon, as in: he is my sun and moon and stars. It also happens to be a variation of the name he uses online, so it works.

Moon is a confirmed computer geek. Every so often he likes to get together with his computer geek friends for an evening to play computer games. Last nights was one of those nights and he packed up his computer and took himself off to play with the guys after work. On these occaisions he often stops to buy himself some snacks, and if he doesn't eat the snacks that night, they end up coming home with him.

So, this morning I get up and head to the kitchen for breakfast. I was thinking of cereal, but it turns out we were low on milk, so I decide waffles. We have some Eggo waffles in the freezer, and I don't eat them every day, but sometimes on the weekends it's nice to have a treat. I usually defrost some frozen berries to go on top - get in a fruit serving and it makes it more filling.

As I am doing things in the kitchen to get breakfast ready, Moon comes out and starts talking about his evening with the guys and pulling treats out of his duffle bag. An unopened bag of party mix. An almost empty bag of Pringles Select Szechuan Barbecue chips. And to top it off, one of my favourite things, a bag of Mrs. Dunster's donuts. The sugared crescents, the ones I really like. I usually will buy them if we are having company for the weekend, because left on my own I can eat a whole bag in a couple of days.

I can only surmise that it was all this distraction, because I have defrosted berries many times in the microwave without mishap. Today I was obviously not paying attention to what I was doing, because the next thing I know there are berries all over the inside of the microwave.

This day was not getting off to a good start.

To top it off, the guys had planned to BBQ and my darling hubby had decided he was in the mood for hotdogs. But unfortunately, the host had not realized he was out of propane, so they ended up eating out, and Moon came home with a package of Top Dogs All Beef hotdogs and a bag of buns. Since they can't be wasted, we had hotdogs for lunch. And then hot dogs for supper.

I finished off the bag of Pringles (there was only about one serving left) and I had one donut. I have told Moon that he must take the party mix into his computer room and make sure that I don't see it. I'm ok as long as this stuff is not around, but if it's in the house it seems to be impossible to stay away from it. I'm amazed that I've made it through the day and only had one donut.

All in all, I've made it through the day without doing too badly points-wise. I had a nice big salad with my one hot dog for supper. I've had all my water. I did my Iron Yoga workout. So it has been an ok day. Just not quite how I had planned to start off my week. And we'll probably be eating hot dogs again tomorrow, to finish them off. Will have to make sure I plan lots of healthy, veggie-heavy meals for the rest of the week.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where to start...

So I've been reading blogs created by other ladies who are following weight watchers, or on a weight loss journey and I've been finding it very...encouraging. Good to know I am not alone I guess.

Of course then I started wondering if I should create my own. Generally I'm pretty introverted, often I don't feel like sharing...but maybe it would be good to have some place to rant or complain or whine when I'm feeling sorry for myself. And honestly, sometimes it feels like all I think about is food and exercise and the next weigh-in and will I ever actually make any progress?

So, what the hey...Why not give it a go?

Of course, as usual, the evening got away from me and now I'm wanting to crawl into bed and go to sleep...So this will be a pretty sad first post. Basically I'm just saying that I'm here and eventually I'm going to say something.

Oh. Guess I should say - today marks the start of my 4th week on weight watchers. That's why I wanted to start tonight even if I didn't really feel ready or know what I want to say...Somehow it just seems like I should be starting off the blog as I start off the week. So far 2 lbs down (that was 1 lb lost, 2 lb lost, 1 lb gained....sigh).

I don't have a lot to lose, I'm aiming for 20 lbs total at the moment. Makes me feel like I shouldn't complain in a way, as I know there are many others who have a much longer way to go. But you know what? It's still hard! And I've tried and I've tried and it seems I never get anywhere. So here I am trying again and maybe this blog thing will help, so I'm gonna try!

That's it for now. I'll try to have something of more substance to say next time.

Good night!