Monday, August 31, 2015

July & August

Where did the time go? I feel like I can barely remember July now.

Summing it up as best I can....
  • Workouts were good!
  • The weather was mostly excellent and despite the late start, my garden was doing really well.
  • Had a few volunteer sessions sorting books for a charity book sale. I like sorting books; I was usually by myself, it was quiet, sorting through books is rather soothing to me.
  • Food Truck Tuesdays! We don't have food trucks in Saint John; for some reason a by-law was passed a while back preventing or restricting or something...But basically we don't have any. There is an Air Canada call center not far from our house and there are not a lot of options for eating out in our neighborhood, so someone started arranging for food trucks to come on Tuesdays. It's right on our way home from work, so we've been having Food Truck Tuesday dinners, which adds a little fun to our week.
July Workouts
01: Garden
04: Garden
06: 25 min Mall Walk + LM Pump & Burn
07: 25 min Mall Walk + Garden
08: 25 min Mall Walk + LM Pump Challenge
09: 25 min Mall Walk
10: PiYo Sweat
12: PiYo Define: Upper Body
13: 20 min Mall Walk + Garden
14: 30 min Mall Walk (Harbour Passage)
15: LM Pump & Burn + 3/4 CIZE Preview
16: Book Sorting (Volunteering - 2 hrs) + 25 min Walk
17: LM Pump & Burn
20: Book Sorting (Volunteering - 3  hrs)
22: Garden
23: 20 min Walk
24: LM Pump & Burn
27: LM Pump & Burn
28: Book Sorting (Volunteering - 3 hrs)
29: LM Pump & Burn

 August, well, it's been a little challenging I guess?
  • WEEK 1: Vacation! Home to Nova Scotia to hang out with my sister and her family who were visiting from BC.
  • WEEK 2: Back to work after vacation. Vacation was too short. Enough said. Also, the deer decided to start eating my garden. Not impressed. Sunflowers, strawberry plants, blueberry bushes, hostas, beans, cucumbers, tomato & pepper plants...So not impressed.
  • WEEK 3: Husband starts going to physio therapy because he did something to his knee a couple of months ago and it's still bothering him. Appointments are after work Mon & Wed, and we leave straight from the office, which means we get home a bit late and we're hungry. I was pretty tired that week for some reason too. I think it was a rainy week.
  • WEEK 4: Renovating our bathroom. Somehow going into this I was totally in denial about how it would go. The weekend before we were running around, getting ready, packing up the bathroom. Mon & Wed Husband had his physio again. Tuesday we also had our air exchanger replaced. So the downstairs was a mess. The upstairs was a mess. We had to run out on Monday and buy a new toilet, which we had not planned on. Our sink got damaged, so the contractors had to replace that. Our sink, toilet, shower were all bone. Most places don't keep that in stock. So we got biscuit. Which is not the same. Does not match. So we decided to replace the tub/shower...Well,  you see how it goes. Exhausted. Sneezing and sniffling and scratchy throat, I'm guessing from the dry wall dust. Yeah, it was an interesting week.
August Workouts
10: Garden
12: LM Pump & Burn 

13: 25 min Walk
14: LM Pump & Burn (Guess - I know there was another one in here somewhere)
17: 20 min Mall Walk
18: 20 min Mall Walk
19: 20 min Mall Walk
29: LM Pump & Shred
30: CIZE: Crazy 8s 

31: LM Pump & Burn

Workouts Overall:
  • I have been enjoying Les Mills Pump, though I have not been following the schedule. I'd like to try being a bit more regular about it though. 
  • Also trying CIZE, a new Beach Body program; not blown away so far, but that's maybe not fair since I've only tried two of the workouts. My first take is that I find it a bit tedious, having done (and loved!) Zumba. I'll give it a chance though. 
  • Need to start getting my day time walks in again. Things have just gotten busy, but I should make time for it.

How about some vacation photos?

Amazing moon on July 31st, our first night home.

Took a trip to Ross Farm Museum which was a lot of fun. Have not been there since I was a youngster. :)

Always happy to hang out at my Nova Scotia home, but summer is my favourite time to be there.

And a trip to the shore completed our Nova Scotia experience. Okay, there is lots more stuff we could have done, but we only had so much time. :)

And lets add a couple of photos of my poor garden before it completely disappears. :(