Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick Yoga Check In - Days 4 to 6

Just a quickie to update on the Seven Days of Yoga Challenge...

Wednesday - crazy busy, no yoga
Thursday - Crunch Candlelight Yoga DVD
Friday - Yoga for Runners #1 (pre-cardio session)

One day left!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 3 of Yoga

I was really looking forward to this lunch today, and it looked so good that I pulled out my iPhone to snap a photo. The reality lived up to the anticipation, too; it was a salad of leaf lettuce, cucumber, grape tomatoes and red bell pepper combined with a serving of soaked bulger that had been flavored with cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin and a little hit of roasted garlic flavored olive oil, then topped with hummus. It was oh-so-tasty, and for me, a perfectly satisfying lunch.

I've been thinking about food lately. Well, I suppose I always think about food. More accurate to say I've been thinking of food in terms of how it makes me feel. I wouldn't say that I have reached any final conclusion yet, but I've noticed a couple of interesting things. Which I fully intended to explore here, but of course things came up and now it's 10 pm and I want to go to bed. So not tonight.

I've just finished my Lunar Flow yoga workout. I have to say, enjoying Savasana with a cat purring on my stomach is not a bad way to end the day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 2 of Yoga

Busy, busy, busy, but got in a short session of Hatha Flow. Always feel so good after finishing a yoga session!

New garden post up; sorry for the typos and photos that I forgot to rotate. It's late. I'm tired. There are a lot of things I like about wordpress, but once you stick a photo in, you have to take it out to change it. Boo.

Off to bed!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seven Days of Yoga

I wish wish wish that I had spent my weekend relaxing with these guys out in the garden.


But it was another weekend of crazy. Just when you think your ducks are lining themselves nicely into a row…Well, let’s just say the ducks got ornery and changed their minds. I’ve been crazy busy and the house is a disaster yet again.

I’m a little stressed…again.

So, this is really good timing for Lynn's Yoga Challenge (and I totally titled my post without realizing that Lynn used the exact same title). I kicked things off today with a new one from Yoga Downloads - Moon Salutations Flow #1. It was definitely a great way to wind things down for the day.

I plan to have a new post up on the garden blog soon – hopefully tomorrow, but in the mean time here are a few things that have been showing up in my kitchen!


Aren’t those colors gorgeous? Lettuce, green onions and purple basil from the garden, along with some red bell peppers and tomatoes.

IMG_9345Sugar snap peas and a few strawberries.

IMG_9355 A nice addition to Saturday’s lunch of leftover tofu pad thai.

IMG_9348And my cilantro was desperately in need of being chopped back. It was a good excuse to make guacamole last night for dinner! And yes, I am still using my Star Trek popcorn bucket from last summer to carry my garden harvests. :)

And now I need to be tucked into my bed. See you all tomorrow for day two of the yoga challenge.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunshine & Fog

I took this photo walking down the street a week ago. It was a beautiful, sunshine-y day and I thought the fog over the harbour looked pretty. And then I never got around to posting it.

I also added a new post to the garden blog, fully intending to write a post here as well. Which I never go around to.

So go check out the new garden pictures - lots of stuff there - and hopefully I will be back with an actual post soon!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sun’ll Come Out…On Monday…

Saturday we had fog, Sunday was more fog, interspersed with rain – some real downpours – so we took advantage of a weekend with no plans and goofed off.



Sunday, during a break in the rain, I happened to be looking out the living room window, watching the resident gopher graze on the neighbor’s lawn. I saw it go into the tall grass and weeds at the end of the lawn and it looked like it was reaching up for something. Of course, I had to get out my binoculars (stalker gear, as my husband calls them, but I only spy on the wildlife, I promise!) to see what it was doing.

Not sure how well you’ll be able to see this, since it was taken through the window at max zoom on my little camera.


There are these weeds with purple flowers – really quite pretty – and Mr. Gopher was standing on his hind legs, reaching up to pull them down so he could nibble on them. I’m not sure what the actual name of the plant is, we always called them wild peas because they get little seed pods that look like miniature pea pods. Anyway, they are apparently quite tasty. If you’re a gopher anyway.

Speaking of tasty…


I have been looking and looking and looking and I finally got my hands on some Liberte Greek Yogurt and the Coconut flavored Mediterranee. I actually had found the Vanilla flavored Greek Yogurt a while back and tried it. I wasn’t crazy about it – I find the Liberte Vanilla flavors are too sweet for me. Husband likes it though, so I got a tub of the Vanilla for him, and the plain Green and the coconut for me.

Breakfast on Sunday morning (and Monday morning…)


Kashi Honey Almond Flax + Coconut yogurt + blackberries. Awesome in a bowl.

What’s that? Why yes, that is a pretty table…


I went out on Saturday to look for some hooks to hang some strawberry baskets on and Husband said something about maybe we should have a table for out in the yard…So I found this one at Pier 1.

I was quite disappointed that it was rainy and yucky yesterday because I wanted to take my table out and get my strawberry baskets up.

Today the sun came back and it was lovely and hot outside when we got home from work, so after supper I went outside, intending to arrange my  new lawn furniture (ok, the table with the two chairs that my dad made) but ended up getting side tracked.


I stepped out on the deck and saw a bunch of baby trees sitting in the yard.

We’re having a bit of work done to the hill facing the road.


The grass just doesn’t grow well there, and it’s kind of uninteresting looking, since it’s just the end of our house facing the road. So the flower bed there has been expanded – quite a bit, that top corner where you can actually see trees and plants was all that was there before. They came and expanded the bed last Thursday, and must have dropped off the trees today.


So I couldn’t exactly arrange my table and chairs…


I will soon though, and will post updated veggie garden pics. Honestly, it’s like things grew overnight out there. Including weeds, so there’s some work to be done – hopefully tomorrow.

It’s just amazing. Last week I was out there thinking my tomato plants were still looking a little spindly….



Now they are turning into big, bushy, lovely plants.


Everything is so green. I guess the rainy weekend wasn’t such a bad thing!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July flying by...

Well. Long time, no blog. I'd like to say that I've been off enjoying myself - and indeed, Husband and I did have a pretty good week around the Canada Day Holiday. The past week has been rather stressful though, and I've been pretty exhausted. I believe we have made it through to the other side, and things should be a bit more relaxed for a while. Finally!

I haven't been keeping up with things very well lately, and I feel like I owe you guys garden pictures. I actually created a second blog, dedicated to the garden so that I can post updates for my family. I like to keep this blog to myself. Sounds insane - a second blog - when you consider that I haven't been able to keep up with this one, but we'll see how it goes. There is a link in the side bar if you want to check it out - click on the picture of Frank & Zappa in the garden.

Things are actually coming along quite well in the garden this year - better than last year certainly. We've had lots of sun, but also a good amount of rain; pretty much perfect garden weather.

My tomato and pea plants have blossoms! I can see my carrots!

I have actually harvested some herbs and some onions for salad. It's not much, but every little bit makes me happy!

Dill & Parsley
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Bunching Onions

I made Potato Salad, using the dill and about half of the onions. I used the rest of the onions and the parsley in a tossed salad.

Because I don't like mayo, this is what I make for potato salad.

Dill Potato Salad

Cook your potatoes until fork tender. While potatoes are still warm, add fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt & pepper, chopped dill and green onions.

Toss to mix everything together, then add sour cream.

And you're done! Chill until you are ready to serve. How easy can it get?

That felt like pretty much a perfect summer evening, in my kitchen putting together a summery meal, no rushing, and Zappa rolling around on the deck, soaking up the sun.