Monday, September 3, 2012

Teeny Tiny Baby Steps

I wouldn't say I'm 100% back in the exercise groove, but I'm on my way.

Bad news: My treadmill conked out on me. We did buy the extended warranty, so hopefully I can get it fixed.

Good news: The schedule at the fitness studio changed again, so I might start getting back to Zumba.

July 03: Zumba
July 04: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Upper Body
July 10: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Upper Body
July 11: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Lower Body
July 28: Pick Your Level Pilates DVD

Aug 10: Kathy Smith Personal Trainer Stretching workout
Aug 13: Treadmill Walk [30 mins]
Aug 15: Treadmill Walk [30 mins]
Aug 17: Crunch Fat Burning Yoga DVD
Aug 20: Weeding garden
Aug 22: Weeding garden
Aug 27: Treadmill Walk [25 mins]
Aug 28: Pick Your Level Pilates DVD
Aug 31: Kathy Smith Staying Strong DVD

Food wise, I started to  make some progress...was feeling good...did some major back-sliding...and now am hoping that I'm ready to get back to good. All within the space of a couple of weeks. All over the place. That's me.

I have so many tomatoes this year, we've had an excellent growing season (aside from the lack of rain early on) and I'm loving it. Carrots also grew really well, so I've been eating lots of this:

That would be grilled cheese & tomato with carrot sticks. Husband is still away, which means this is often dinner. I like it. Not so much that husband is away, but that I can eat what I feel like.

Of course, sometimes I do feel like something a bit fancier:

That would be haddock that I cooked on the BBQ, wrapped in foil with lime juice and a Thai spice blend. I then topped it with a fresh peach salsa and had fresh veggie spring rolls on the side. Sometimes I amaze myself. :)

Did I mention the tomatoes have been fabulous this year?

Hello from the Fabulous Felines!

And good night!