Monday, November 2, 2015

October: Looks Like We Made It

October sort of felt like everything and nothing.

After 5 weeks of waiting, our renovations got back underway. That took most of our attention. Work was really busy for both of us too. Then we both got sick.

But we made it out alive. Renovations are done, except for one niggling detail - the thermostat for the radiant heat floor is not working. We are really hoping it is to do with the thermostat, and not a problem with the actual floor because I don't want to start over again.

October Workouts
01: 25 min Walk
05: LM Pump & Shred
06: 25 min Walk + Renovation room clearing
10: LM Pump & Shred
12: LM Pump & Shred
13: 35 min Mall Walk
15: LM Pump & Shred
24: LM Pump Revolution + Post Reno cleaning
26: LM Pump Challenge
31: LM Pump & Burn

I really think pictures are the way to go this month.

The contents of our bathroom have been taking up space all over our house. As far as the cats are concerned, that means new and interesting places to sleep.

Work from home days, when someone needs to be around for construction, can lead to entertaining sights.

Lightning, a crash of thunder that sent the cats running, and a freak hailstorm are a different kind of entertainment.

Husband's den got a new hardwood floor, a pretty blue paint job, and then got filled with everything else from our bathroom...

While the new bathroom floor went in.

This is exhausting.

But worth it?

We replaced everything except the vanity - floor, tub/shower, toilet, sink, lights, mirror - and painted. It came out really well. Now I just have to put my house back together. Hopefully by then end of November, I'll have it all sorted out. :)