Friday, September 21, 2007

Where to start...

So I've been reading blogs created by other ladies who are following weight watchers, or on a weight loss journey and I've been finding it very...encouraging. Good to know I am not alone I guess.

Of course then I started wondering if I should create my own. Generally I'm pretty introverted, often I don't feel like sharing...but maybe it would be good to have some place to rant or complain or whine when I'm feeling sorry for myself. And honestly, sometimes it feels like all I think about is food and exercise and the next weigh-in and will I ever actually make any progress?

So, what the hey...Why not give it a go?

Of course, as usual, the evening got away from me and now I'm wanting to crawl into bed and go to sleep...So this will be a pretty sad first post. Basically I'm just saying that I'm here and eventually I'm going to say something.

Oh. Guess I should say - today marks the start of my 4th week on weight watchers. That's why I wanted to start tonight even if I didn't really feel ready or know what I want to say...Somehow it just seems like I should be starting off the blog as I start off the week. So far 2 lbs down (that was 1 lb lost, 2 lb lost, 1 lb gained....sigh).

I don't have a lot to lose, I'm aiming for 20 lbs total at the moment. Makes me feel like I shouldn't complain in a way, as I know there are many others who have a much longer way to go. But you know what? It's still hard! And I've tried and I've tried and it seems I never get anywhere. So here I am trying again and maybe this blog thing will help, so I'm gonna try!

That's it for now. I'll try to have something of more substance to say next time.

Good night!

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