Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More whining...

Honestly, not sure what's wrong with me these days. Last week I just felt "off" somehow. Not sick exactly, but not my usual self. Kinda tired, muscle & joint aches, weird tummy...but all mild. Nothing really serious.

So, that's why I took the weekend off and didn't do much. I figured I just needed to rest up.

But I am still feeling just wiped out and I don't know why. I really had to force myself to walk on the treadmill last night. I kept it to a slow pace and it was still exhausting. Yesterday, I thought it was the dreary weather. Today is sunny, but I still feel blah.

Husband has managed to come down with some sort of flu or something. Maybe I am fighting that off. It's hard to know what to do - push through, do some light exercise anyway? Or just take it easy for a few days?

And the scale is way up this morning which is hugely frustrating. May be water retention from too much sodium though. We have made recipes from the Martin Yan cookbook the past two nights. I really like the cookbook - the recipes are quick to prepare and the results are tasty - but I do find them quite salty. I always notice that I'm really thirsty later in the evening.

Edit - 2:15 PM
Weird craving of the day: coconut cream pie. Specifically my homemade coconut cream pie - I'm very fussy about this. Sadly, I never make it because Husband is not a fan and I would have to eat the whole pie myself...Mmmm...Pie...

Daily Record
Weight: 144.2

BF: Steel cut oats, coffee w/cream
Snack: Quaker Crispy Delights Cinnamon Streusel (90 cals)
Lunch: Minestrone Soup
Snack: Vanilla yogurt & raspberries
Pre-Dinner snack: Quaker Crispy Minis (was starving when I got home)
Supper: Cantonese Shrimp Scramble & Garlicky Peanut Noodles

Workout: Yoga
Also, drove myself to work today as Husband was home sick,
so in addition to my usual afternoon walk, I walked to &
from the parking garage.


Unknown said...

uh oh... sounds like you have had a bit of the blues like I have had the last couple of days... different reasons but same old stuff... I hope you are not getting sick. :( Hope things get better for you soon here.

Boston Cream Pie.... mmmmm.... :) sounds good! Now that is a craving. :)

the Bag Lady said...

Hope you aren't coming down with something!
Homemade coconut cream pie? Yum!!!

Crissy Rae said...

If the hubby has the flu, you may have a mild case of it yourself. Your symptoms seem to match flu symptoms. Make sure you drink your fluids and get a good night's sleep. Hope you feel better soon.