Saturday, May 17, 2008

Party Animal

So far, this is not turning out to be a stellar weekend in the annals of JavaChick's Weight Loss Odyssey. I should probably back up...

Despite my ebullient post of yesterday, I did not spring out of bed on that morning, good cheer fully formed. Thursday night, after my weight workout, I had jumped on the treadmill to get in some extra cardio, feeling full of energy. About 20 minutes in, I got a phone call from work. Work kept me up until midnight, which is an hour past my bedtime. So Friday morning when I woke up, one of my first thoughts was: I'm supposed to do a cardio workout tonight. I don't want to get on the treadmill, I just want to go to sleep. This is within moments of me opening my eyes. See how obsessed focused I am?

Once I got up and around, had some coffee, took in the sunny day, my mood turned around and I felt I would be ready to take on my workout that evening.


Moon has been having quite the couple of weeks. He was offered a new job at a much better salary than what's he is earning now. He'd been thinking for awhile that it was time to move on from his current job, but when faced with it, it's a big decision to make. Change is always a little scary. After weighing the options, he decided that he should take the new job. But, when he tendered his resignation at his current job, they did their best to convince him to stay. By the end of work yesterday he was feeling quite stressed out, and so we ended up meeting up with friends to go out to dinner. I think that was a good plan, it seemed to help him get some perspective, calm down and he was able to make a decision. So that's all good.

We went to Montana's, which is a fairly new addition to the eating establishments in our little burg, and it seems that everyone else can't get enough. Personally, I don't find there's much on the menu that excites me. Don't get me wrong, we've been there twice now and the food has been good both times, but I don't really get the obsession everyone seems to have with the place. It's good, but it's not that good. But I digress.

The portions are huge. HUGE. I only ate half of mine, and Husband and I did split dessert. Also I had two of their Grizzly Bear Punch drinks cause they were darn tasty. If I am remembering right, it's pineapple & cranberry juices, 7-up, and Parrot Bay Rum. Yeah, it was tasty.

So, I didn't get my cardio workout last night and I had what was likely a very high-calorie dinner.

Strike 1.

Today started off well. Had a bit of a sleep in. Got up and had breakfast & coffee, puttered around getting some house stuff done. Then did my workout.

Since I missed my cardio last night, I decided to double up today. I would still like to get in 6 days of workouts for the week, but I figured if I doubled up today, it would be a bit of an insurance policy, just in case something comes up during the week. So, I did a 45 minute weight workout and 45 minutes on the treadmill. So that was good.

Tonight we went out to a rainy BBQ. It was fun, even with the rain. Our friends just moved their BBQ close to their patio door so no one had to get to wet doing the cooking, and we all hung out in the kitchen. It was a fun crowd and, as usual, there was plenty of food and drink to be had. I actually didn't eat a huge amount of supper, but I did have 2 pina coladas, 1 rum & coke, and tried 2 out of the 4 desserts on offer.

Strike 2.

Now I am all sleepy, sitting in bed with my laptop as a matter of fact. It's 11:30 PM on a Saturday and I am pretty much ready to call it a night - are we party animals or what?

I think that is the end of the partying for the weekend though, which is good. Food should be more sensible and there won't be any more fancy drinks...Yep. That's my plan.

Now, to sleep. G'night!


Anonymous said...

I love your writing style...from the opening to the fancy drinks line!

Im gonna show my week's theme at you:
there is no trying only doing :)

so here's to a week filled with DOs for ya!

happy monday.


Erin said...

Everyone deserves a weekend of indulgement... it's okay!!! Plus Montana's has great food, lol. You can't pass that up :-)