Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Our movie night got postponed which is probably a good thing. I got some sad news yesterday afternoon. It's not my life, not my problem, so I don't feel I can blog about it, but suffice it to say, someone close to me is going through a rough time and I feel bad for them. There's not much I can do, other than be there to listen, which I will do, but I got home feeling very sad. I really didn't feel like rushing around to do a workout, eat supper and then go to a movie.

So, instead, we had supper (because husband was starved), and I did my weight routine later on in the evening. That puts me at 4/6 workouts for the week. One more cardio workout and one more strength workoout is the plan.

Other than that, and the minor snafu of me forgetting part of my lunch, yesterday went pretty well.

There was one very minor incident, but I think I handled it ok.

The little takeout that we get our Thai food from from every Friday night is now making their own ice cream. When we stopped last Friday, they gave us a sample to taste and it's quite good. They make the ice cream into ice cream sandwiches, so Moon and I each picked one out to try. Moon's is of course long gone, but mine was still in the freezer.

They are quite big:

So I cut mine in quarters:

It was frozen rock hard, so it took me a long time to eat my little piece:

The plan now is to hit the movies tonight - unless it ends up getting postponed again. I'm a little tired actually, didn't sleep great last night. Plus, I have nothing planned for supper tonight - I had planned leftovers last night because we were supposed to be going out, and then I thought maybe we'd BBQ for the next couple of nights since the weather forecast is good. But, we'll have to see.

Just for fun, here are a couple of pictures that I took over the weekend.

Cat in a bag:

Phlox is starting to bloom:

Daily Record
BF: Vanilla yogurt, coconut, strawberries, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Minestrone Soup, Kashi Granola Bar
Snack: Vanilla yogurt & strawberries
Supper: ???

Workout: May take the night off, if we go out.


Shirls said...

cats and bags, like a magnet isn't it? LOL

I think your amazing for splitting up that ice cream and making it work into your plan, takes a strong person to do that and your obviously rocking it!

Crissy Rae said...

You did better with the icecream than I would have...I probably would have cut it up and ended up eating it all so good for you for holding back.

Your babies crack me up, always up to something aren't they?

sauchagirl said...

Love your pictures!

That ice cream sandwich looks so good. And now you get to enjoy it three more times! Great choice!

I'm sorry to hear your friend is going through a tough time. It is great you are so supportive.

Have a great day!

the Bag Lady said...

Love the photos!
Sorry to hear your friend is going through a bad time - good of you to be supportive!

Anonymous said...

Great ice-cream management! And I LOVE the cat in the bag.

Anonymous said...

uh oh.

that ice cream looks really good.




Anonymous said...

ooh - that ice cream sandwich looks soo good. What is it covered in? An almond cookie and crushed almonds? good grief, that sounds delish.