Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weights done and Wii Fit!!!

You know, during an average week, we go to work, and then come straight home every day. How does it happen that the week you want to get home and get things done, you end up either making stops on the way home or else going out again on3 out of 4 nights?

Anyway, weights are done. Housecleaning will have to be finished tomorrow.

But we got a Wii Fit!!!

A while back I had asked Husband: did we want to pre-order one? At the time he was undecided. Then a week or so ago he said we should, but when he went to the store they told him they already knew they wouldn't be getting enough packages in to fill the pre-orders they already had. So much for that, we would just have to wait.

Then tonight, we happened to be in the SuperStore electronics department, and what do we see on the shelf? Three Wii Fit boxes. So we got one after all.

Got it all set up. Husband says he is going to do a session with it as soon as we get home from work tomorrow. I would love to see that happen. I am all for anything that will get him up out of his computer chair more often.

I tried out the yoga series. There are four poses that you can do right away, the rest have to be unlocked as you earn points. Only thing I will say, I didn't see them offer any beginner modifications for the Tree Pose - they just go right to foot against thigh, hands together above head which is not exactly beginner friendly. Wondering if I should give Husband a little beginner tutorial before he tries that out.

Also, I was owning the Warrior Pose (did ya see me sneak that sorta computer gaming type lingo in there? Owning!!!), but as I was doing the pose on the left side my 17 pound cat, Fred, decided to walk across the balance board twice, so I ended up with a couple of spikes in my results for the left side. Oh well. I love my kitty.

Anyway, must run and get a few more things done before bed. Ciao!

Daily Record
Weight: 142.5 lb

BF: Fibre1 Bar, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Rockin' Moroccan Stew (Crazy Plates)
Snack: Yogurt, coconut, raspberries
Supper: Swiss Chalet (as we were out and about)

Workout: Weights


the Bag Lady said...

Good for you for "owning" the Warrior Pose!! And here's hoping the Wii Fit helps hubby do more. Way cool.

Shirls said...

I'd love to hear more reviews of the Wii fit, I've been considering a purchase but have concerns about it being a good workout, its just hard to picture it really moving a person, let me know what your opinion is, love to hear all about it.

Missicat said...

May I borrow the Warrior pose?
:-) I soooo want a Wii fit..

Apple Joos said...

You know you've arrived as a gamer when you're not saying "owning" but "pwning". Thanks for the really great comment on Fight The Fluffy!