Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Plan

Sunday of a long weekend for me - I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow and Tuesday is a holiday. Whee! Gotta love a four day weekend.

Just a quick note tonight - I have not yet posted about my plans for November. The plan is anything and everything. I'm going for variety, trying to get in a good balance of activities and listening to my body. Sometimes I try to push it too hard - seems like that's been happening a lot lately - so for this month I'm paying attention to how I feel. If you are interested in seeing what I'm up to exercise-wise, it's listed in the side bar. I had it there below my weigh-ins, but I moved it up; it's probably more interesting anyway. :)

Food wise, well, I'm struggling, as usual. One of these days I sure hope I figure it out. This weekend, I confess, has not been good. I'm going to try and rein it tomorrow; being home all day makes it harder and I confess I've hardly left the house this weekend (not complaining, quite enjoying it), but I've got two more days at home and it can't continue.

So that's the plan. Have a great week everyone!


the Bag Lady said...

Oh, I am hanging my head in shame. I started out with the best of intentions in November.....
But tomorrow is another day, right? I'll get back on track.

And I'm sure you will hit upon the combination of things you need to help you in your quest to lose those stubborn pounds!

Anonymous said...

may I suggest that you focus LESS on changing habit today (on getting up and eating cleancleanclean and working out)and more on mulling.
thinking about whats triggering you and how you can set yourself up to conquer it etc?

you know where to find me...

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your comment. it really triggered me to share in a way not that I hadnt planned but hadnt occurred to me.

this weekend was a big suckhole of insecurity time for me ;)


Unknown said...

Have a great long weekend!

Variety is such a good idea. So many possibilities and opportunities.

Anonymous said...

So nice to have an extra loooong weekend! jealous ;)

Variety is key!!

Unknown said...

I know things may seem tough right now and not going in the direction you may want them to... but hang in there girl! :)

Tomorrow IS another day. :D

Crissy Rae said...

I hear ya..being home all day definitely contributes to a higher consumption of calories for me. It's much harder to say no.

Hope you get a good variety this month. If you find the secret to the food dilemma, let me know!

JavaChick said...

Thanks everyone, had a great weekend, doing my best to hang in there with the eating and quite enjoying my workouts so far. Will try to write actual post soon. :)