Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Operation Favorite Jeans: T-14 days

Was beautiful sunny day and I was hoping to get home from work early enough to enjoy a bit of it, but here it is almost 6 o'clock and I'm sitting at the office waiting for Husband. Wants to go home! Now!

Decided to visit the scale this morning and it said something really nasty to me. Am trying to ignore it and pretend it was a bad dream.

Have new sneakers to try out tonight in hopes they will help with my running issues. If I ever get out of here. Did I mention I want to go home? Now-ish would be good.

Hopes momentarily raised as I see MSN message window flash!

Hopes dashed. Message is from Husband saying Not Quite Ready Yet.


Am going to fall asleep at desk soon...

Wait! He's ready! Finally! I'm outta here!


MizFit said...

what is this "scale" of which you speak?

Im unfamiliar with the term.

must not be anything important.

xo xo,


Crabby McSlacker said...

Ooh, how frustrating, just waiting to go home!

Glad you were finally liberated.

And I'm with Mizfit, that scale thing sounds Evil and is probably best ignored.

the Bag Lady said...

I am in agreement with Miz and Crabby - evil, evil scale.

Glad you finally got to go home....

Sagan said...

Hehe aw you're cute. It's no fun waiting around at the end of a long workday.