Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Pancakes!

Husband had ordered me a gift for Valentine’s Day that ended up not shipping in time, so I got it the weekend after Valentine’s Day. What a fun package it was!

Which leads to Sunday’s breakfast…






IMG_8566 IMG_8569

How can you not love that?

Also included in the package: my very own Hello Kitty chopsticks, complete with carrying case…


…And yes I have used them…

IMG_8580 IMG_8581

…And a Hello Kitty ice cube tray…


…So I can have my Scotch on the Hello-Kitty-Rocks.


[We now pause for a moment of silence while my Scottish ancestors roll over in their graves]

Husband also got me a cookie cutter which I forgot to take a photo of and have not used yet. But I’m sure once I get around to making Hello Kitty cookies, it will show up on the blog.

Oh yes, my husband loves me.  :)

Also from Sunday…look what I found in the garden…



Firefly Crocus



Could have done a better job with the camera settings on those…hopefully next time.

Around supper time, our herd of deer showed up.



It’s really quite something to see all of them at once.

Lastly, thinking of wearing my green boots for Saint Patrick’s Day…


Just seems to make sense.


Jackie said...

The green boots are a must for St Patricks Day!!!

Jaime said...

I am so excited to see those flowers and deer. I've come to rely on your garden to tell me Winter is over. Right, right???? :)

Cute Hello Kitty gear too. How fun!!

Angela Power said...

Aw for heaven's sake, the hello kitty stuff is adorable! :-)

JavaChick said...

Jackie - Agreed. Wearing the boots!

Jaime - Record high temperatures! No sign of snow in the forecast! I say it's spring!

Angie - I was quite childishly delighted with all of it, I won't lie. :)

Charlotte said...

What a cool valentine's day gift! My kids would go crazy for those adorable Hello Kitty pancakes! And there's something hilarious about Scotch on Hello Kitty rocks...!

Unknown said...

Those Hello kitty things are adorable!! The chopsticks would be a real hit here. :0)

Oh yeah... we just got a bit more snow here... :0( I don't think winter is over quite yet... but maybe you guys will be luckier over there. Here's to hoping!