Monday, September 13, 2010

Hodge Podge From My Garden

Yesterday’s bounty!




It had actually a few days since I had been out to the garden – the weather was damp and dreary for a lot of last week – so there were a ton of tomatoes to pick. I also pulled some carrots (there are still more in the ground), dug up garlic and the rest of the bunching onions, and emptied one of my potato tubs.

I filled my Star Trek movie popcorn bucket with potatoes of varying size.  Enough to give us a few meals.

I had the last of the green beans in the fridge. We hit the farmers market to pick up a few extras.

Then we made supper!


Totally worth growing my own potatoes for this Hodge Podge! I’m not normally one to get excited about potatoes (or carrots for that matter), but when they are consumed the same day they come out of the garden, it’s a whole different thing.

My beans and peas are definitely done, but there are more tomatoes, carrots and one more tub of potatoes. The weather has definitely taken a turn toward autumn, but the garden is not quite finished.








Shirls said...

Is it wrong that I love that you have a star trek popcorn bucket? LOL I love the pictures! they give me hope that somewhere in the world summer actually happened this year..

Amy said...

Everything's better when you grow it yourself, right? :)

I am (still) waiting for my first ripe tomato. I'm hoping for the next couple of days!

Happy gardening/eating.

JavaChick said...

Shirls - I am still loving my Star Trek bucket too. Much more fun than a plain old bucket!

Amy - Hope you get some tomatoes soon!

Sagan said...

That's quite the bounty!

I really want to try Hodge Podge. It sounds and looks delicious.

JavaChick said...

Sagan - It was delicious!

the Bag Lady said...

Lovely photos of the garden bounty! I cam home to nothing left above-ground - it was minus 8 one night, and minus 6 the next, apparently, so most of the stuff froze. Sigh.

JavaChick said...

I picked a bunch of stuff last weekend, just in case, but so far it has stayed pretty warm here. Fingers crossed that it will continue for a bit longer!

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