Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Winter


We got our first real snow fall on Saturday. It was coming down pretty steady all day, fluffy-fat flakes of white stuff. At this point, it’s new enough (and late enough in the season) to be pretty.

We didn’t get a huge amount, but enough to cover everything in a blanket of white. A lot of it is gone already, the rest may not last much longer, but I think winter is here.

IMG_9886 IMG_9887IMG_9889

Sunday morning was actually bright & sunny. Husband and I were sitting in the living room and I happened to look up and see a fox trotting down the hill and across our neighbor’s yard. I was wishing for my camera, but it was down in the basement on my desk. It was a pleasure to see though, and we’ve watched several deer saunter past, close enough that we can see they are wearing their thick winter coats.

November Workouts

Nov 29: Burn & Firm Pilates DVD[45 mins]
Nov 28: Candlelight Yoga DVD[40 mins]
Nov 24: Lower Body & Abs[40 mins]
Nov 22: Upper Body + Cardio[45 mins]
Nov 20: Fusion Flow DVD[45 mins]
Nov 16: Treadmill walk/Jog[20 mins]
Nov 15: Treadmill walk[20 mins]
Nov 10: Cardio Intervals[30 mins]
Nov 09: Shape Mag Dumbbell Circuit[35 mins]
Nov 06: Treadmill walk/jog[40 mins]
Nov 04: Fat Burning Fusion DVD[45 mins]
Nov 03: Treadmill walk[20 mins]
Nov 02: Fitnessista BootCamp #2[30 mins]
Nov 01: Treadmill walk/jog + Lunar Flow #1[45 mins]

I’m feeling pretty good about November. Last week I was not feeling so great, starting around Wednesday. Went to the doctor on Friday and ended up with a prescription for antibiotics. Felt really crappy on the weekend, but feeling much better now and looking forward to December.

Starting Monday I have 2 weeks of work left, then I’m on vacation until January. Can’t wait!


Amy said...

brrrrr snowy cold! I like having about one snow per winter, just for the pretty, but am glad it's not more frequent. I am a winter wussy. :)

Jaime said...

I love your yard in the snow! Happy December!

JavaChick said...

It was pretty while it lasted, but it's all gone now. It was 8 degrees on the way in to work this morning! Not complaining, I'd much rather have warm weather. :)

The Merry said...

Put together in a list like that, your November exercising looks incredible! It's amazing how much exercise gets done when you just do an hour's worth of exercise each day. I am impressed.

carla said...

YAY for the VAYCAY.

what are the plans?

Sagan said...


...when I look out my window, my reaction is more of a "oh crap that looks cold". Somehow photos always look more pleasant than the view out the window...

Nice job on the workouts!

JavaChick said...

Merry - I like seeing these monthly summaries; gives me a sense of accomplishment (most of the time anyway). :)

Carla - Some hanging out at home with Husband and the felines, plus a trip to Nova Scotia to visit our families. Looking forward to it!

Sagan - It did make for nice photos, but I can't say I'm sorry it's all gone for the moment. I'm not in a rush to be snow bound.

Anonymous said...

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