Tuesday, January 31, 2012


January 2012:
~ Lovely mild weather, very little snow. Just the way I like my winter
~ Three weeks of Husband's work saying: You have to go to Japan! Oh wait, we need  you here...But we need you in Japan! You go in two weeks! Well maybe...It seemed like a lot longer than it was. I like my routine. If my routine is going to change, I like a detailed plan. I won't say I was glad to see Husband leave, but I was glad we weren't waiting on a decision any longer.
~ A solo trip home to Nova Scotia...On the same day that Husband left for Japan. That was the biggest disappointment - the timing when they finally made the decision. But I still had a good visit with my family. One of my sisters was home visiting from out west, so I definitely wasn't going to miss the trip.
~ I am a little stressed about things going on at work. Well, more than a little. I am working very hard to distract myself and not dwell. It's nothing I can change, so I have to power through. Last weekend I sat down and rewatched the entire first season of Big Bang Theory on DVD. It makes me laugh. Laughing is good.

So is exercise, so without further ado...

January Workouts
Jan 03: Treadmill Walk[30 mins]
Jan 04: Crunch Yoga Body Sculpt[40 mins]
Jan 09: Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
Jan 11: Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
Jan 12: Treadmill Walk[25 mins]
Jan 14: Crunch Candlelight Yoga[40 mins]
Jan 16: Zumba @ BailaFit
Jan 17: Zumba @ BailaFit
Jan 19: Jackie Warner Fast Start Upper Body + Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
Jan 25: Zumba Circuit @ BailaFit
Jan 27: Ellen Barret Grace & Gusto DVD[45 mins]
Jan 28: Jackie Warner Fast Start Lower Body + Abs[25 mins]
Jan 30: Jackie Warmer Fast Start Upper Body + Treadmill[40 mins]
Jan 31: Zumba @ BailaFit

Other good stuff - His & Hers Anniversary gifts; apparently the 10th anniversary is the camera anniversary...

Our anniversary was actually December 31st...I got my gift a couple of weeks early - a 15-200mm lens for my Rebel T3i. Husband wanted a compact camera to take with him on his travels, and had it all picked out but we didn't manage to get our hands on one until Jan 13; not a moment too soon because a week later he was headed for Japan.

Alternate reality Fabulous Felines!

AKA, my parents cats. I just found it kind of funny that we have a matched set of grey tabbies and my parents have a matched set of orange & white.

The prettiest pooch ever!

I'm definitely a cat person, but I am rather fond of my sister's dog. Not only is she pretty, she is extremely polite and well behaved. My sister is awesome too and I was even more happy to see her. :)

And that was January. Bring on February.


Leslie Goldman said...

Mild weather? Yeah! It's been downright balmy here in Chicago for the past few days. One year ago, exactly, we got 20 inches of snow. Thanks, Global Warming!

MizFit said...

can I ask to go back to ten?!

Crabby McSlacker said...

How frustrating about the timing of the Japan thing, but glad you had a good visit and that cats, dogs, and family were all well-behaved!

And love the way you capture animal personalities with your camera!

the Bag Lady said...

The cat picture freaked me out for a second or two - thought I was on the wrong blog!
Love the dog photo, too - very intelligent-looking.