Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's Up For July

Had a fantastic Canada Day Weekend! Took Friday off as well, so I had 4 days and the weather was perfect. Spent lots of time out in the garden, got a few things done inside, made time for some relaxation and fun - a pretty perfect weekend all around. It was hard to go back to work on Tuesday.

This month I am:
Trying to get back to food journaling - not calorie counting, just moving towards intuitive or mindful eating (still) so more about how I feel. Cutting out wheat & dairy is a lot more difficult with Husband home full time. Aiming for 5 out of 7 days to start (though this past week was a bust).

Since the schedule changed at the fitness studio, I will only be able to get to zumba once a week, instead of twice. I definitely need to get back into the home routine. Last week was bad because I ended up not feeling well, this week will be busy, but I will try to fit some short ones in.

I signed up for a month long online photography course. It actually started on June 28.I consider myself a beginner, but the first bunch of lessons were basic, even for me. Still, the review didn't hurt, and the lessons seem to be getting into the things I want to know/feel like I need to learn. It's good in that the lessons come by email, they are videos that I can watch when I have time, so there's no pressure.

Workouts for June:
Again, I did not keep track. I only had four written down in my notebook:
June 2: Garden
June 3: Garden
June 4: Zumba
June 5: Zumba

....And that was it. I know it was mostly Zumba Mondays & Tuesdays, with yard work in between, and I remember one strength workout for sure. So this is all I can fill in for the rest of the month:
June 11: Zumba
June 12: Zumba
June 18: Zumba
June 19: Zumba
June 24: Kathy Smith Personal Trainer Sculpting workout

I like to have these records, so I am definitely going to try and keep better track this month, though so far there hasn't been much to keep track of.

I will say though, we are having a fabuolous summer so far. The weather has been great, I have been spending quite a bit of time out puttering in the garden, so I'm less worried about the formal workouts. I just want to enjoy the summer!


Jackie said...

I've been going without gluten off and on for a couple months now, but have been gluten free for a couple weeks. It is hard to do it when you factor in hubby who is not GF and anti healthy food. I've been using quinoa, rice and rice pasta mostly. Rice pasta can be gross though so I use the brown rice noodles (vermicelli) you find in the Asian food section of the grocery store. I like them much better.

I haven't had dairy since I was a kid so I don't find that a problem, even though hubby delivers milk for Baxters.

That was a little long

JavaChick said...

Hi Jackie! We have found that we don't mind brown rice pasta & corn pasta - bread & baked good tend to be the bigger issue. I haven't been a milk drinker for a long time, but I always had cream in my coffee, ate yogurt & cheese...The yogurt & cheese have been hard.

It's hard to get used to, and I had several months while Husband was traveling off & on to try and figure things out. Husband is making an effort, so I'm trying to be patient. :)

Sagan said...

It's so satisfying to have records of workouts. It always makes me feel accomplished - somehow weeks fly by and if I don't write down what I've done, I have no idea what exercise I've taken part in! Of course, it's a good way to stay accountable too ;)